Before the Maiden Voyage By: GAINES JOHNSON

I was sitting in the seomra suite waiting for mum to finish cooking the pudding. When she was finished she came to the living room and sat down with me. My Breithlá was around the corner.


Mum came in and said to me, "I have a iontas for you Marlin."

I Fhreagair,"What Mum?"

She responded, "Me and your father are taking you on a vacation to ride the one and only, TITANIC!!"We are going to go for your Breithlá."

"Really mum????"I replied?

"Yes!!!Are u sceitmini?"

"More sceitmini than riamh !!Thank you so much mum!!"

WHAT A SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm glad.Your are so failte Marlin!"

That night I sit there thinking what I will pack and just plain out how thankful I am and fortunate I am to get to go on the magnificent, Titanic. I thought to myself, THIS IS THE BEST Breithlá GIFT EVER!!!! THERE IS NO CUIS FOR IT NOT TO BE!!!


That night, I went to leaba.I just could not get over the fact that I was going on the one and only, TITANIC!!! The four tur smokestacks were peeking out of the tree line and you could not miss them Turing over Belfast. Ever since March 31, 1909, I have wanted to go on it ever since the Dara I heard about that the wonderful, magnificent ship started to be built.I could not ask for any better breithla present for anyone in this whole world but to go on the most biggest and marvelous and luxurious ship in the whole world, THE TITANIC. The TITANIC was built with 16 water tight doors in the hull. If four of the 16 urrann's flooded, then the ship would NOT sink.THE LUXURIOUS,MAGNIFICENT SHIP WAS BRODUIL TO BE CLAIMED "UNSINKABLE"

The next morning when I woke up, mum was screaming with joy........... I was trying to figure out why, Then it caught me.......

"Are you ready Marlin? Are you, Are you, Are you?"

"I was then like what is she talking about, the it buail me. Yes, yes, yes mum, when are we leaving,? I fhreagair."

"As soon as you can get out of leaba and we can load the carr, Mum fhreagair"

"I got up as fast as I B'fheidir could and helped load the carr!!"Lets go!!!!!!!!!"

I was mar sin sceitmini!!!!

We thainig at the port and stopped to let the crew get our bagáiste. I stared at the wonderful beauty. I was so sceitmini, thinking to myself that we were about to be riding on the MOST WONDERFUL, LUXURIOUS, MARVELOUS, AND BIGGEST SHIP IN THE WHOLE WORLD...... THE UNSINKABLE.........., THE "TITANIC."

THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irish/British Words- Mum (Mom), Pudding (Dessert),Sceitmini (excited), Riamh (Ever), Failte (Welcome),Breithlá (Birthday), Leaba (Bed), Mar sin (So), Carr (Car), B'fheidir (Possibly), Fhreagair (Replied), bagáiste (Bag), Breithlá (Birthday), Seomra Suite (Living Room), Iontas (Surprise), Cuis (Reason), Buail (Hit), Thainig (arrived), Tur or Turing (Towering), Dara (Day)


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