WALT DISNEY The creater of disney!

Walt Disney was born on December 5,1901 in Chicago lllinois.He dieded in December 15,1966 in Burbank,Califorina.He was best known for Disey animated theme parks.


Walt Disney is one of the most successful movie producers in a America.He also was a founder of the Disney empire.Walt Disney began working on animations for a Kansas City film advertisment firm.In California Orlando Walt Disney made Disney Land.He also created the tv show micky mouse and lots of disney movies.Actully micky mouse was his first disney character he made up.

He was so nice
He had a great imagination

Walt Disney created a lot entertainments and rides that made kids happy.He made oppertuntys for people to do what maybe somthing they have not done befor.Walt Disney made enventions that are still around today that still make people happy.He also made things back then that changed our world.He was a big part of our world by just creating things that made people happy.

He was in credible

He inspired me to go on super tall rides.If I did not know about him I would of been very upseat cause he is so important to me and my family.He created Disney World and I love Disney World.His achievements inspired me by showing nothing is to hard to try.He influenced me to be brave and go for my dreams.

Here is a Fun-Fact Walt Disney he created all Disney entertainments.Another Fun-Fact is that his first real movie was snow white and his first disney character was mickey mouse.Here is one more Fun-Fact he was very BRAVE and STRONG about hie creations.

I hope you think that walt disney is very important to and that he is BRAVE person!!!!!

His wife was Lillian Disney

That was old mickey mouse

Thank you and have a great day



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