The Love Of The Game

"This is the life"-Johnny Abbott

Where it all started for Coach Johnny Abbott. Johnny started off playing basketball in High School and was the "Star Player".
Johnny then decided he wanted to play football and was succesful at that too. After high school Johnny decided that he would go to college and become a coach.
Soon after college Johnny started his career as a coach. He coached basketball, track , golf, baseball and football. He then became Coach Abbott.
He not only coached but was also a mentor to many. Rusty Smith says, "I would not be where I am today if not for Coach Abbott. He always encouraged me to keep my cool. I am now the head atletic director of Tift County Schools."
"Coach Abbott was an inspiration to me. He encouraged me, his beloved secretary, to pursue my education. I am now a college graduate." Marlena Thomas.
Coach Abbotts careeer ended in 2013. His love for the game and the students still gets recognized to this day.
That was his life.

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