Government, Historical Analysis and Foreign Relations By Zach Merz

Primary government- There are some countries with fascist governments, but many of them are Democracy did not come until later down the road. In early 1930s they had some Fascist Governments. In Argentina there are two parties, Justicialist Party and the Union Civica Radical (UCR) formed in a very short time period. There are smaller countries that have Republics. Brazil is a federal District. Cuba is a totalitarian government. Nicaragua is a constitutional democratic government, like many of the countries.

Foreign relations status of major countries- Latin America is the largest contributor of oil to the USA. U.S. gets the most exports from Latin America. Netherlands gets the second most amount from Latin America. Some of the interconnecting countries in Latin America will sometimes fight, a lot of wars happen in South American lands. There used to be fighting between countries and their Spanish leaders, now there is a somewhat peace between them. The U.S. has since decided to be in good foreign relations with Cuba. Since the imperialism by the U.S. China and India have added to foreign exports. Thanks to Imperialism from the U.S. and other major countries, democracy has spread to Latin America. Turkey has some influence on Latin America and has meetings frequently to keep good political relationship between them. There is an agreement between the 12 Latin American countries to help keep a good relation between Turkey and their Latin American countries. Turkey’s trade has grown about 15 to 20 percent thanks to trade relations with the Latin American countries.

How efficiently is the government working- Latin America is known to have half the efficiently of the U.S. Have been riots in which the President had to resign. There have been many civil wars since Latin America is a melting pot for so many ethnic and political backgrounds that do not really mix, causing small civil wars. Some leaders give less rights to minors and women, many needing to resign because of riots because the people are not happy. The governments are falling behind in their global status.

Historical Analysis- Since the start many countries have had trouble with keeping jobs and resources for Women, such as in Argentina, since President Mauricio Macri has become president he has lost jobs and social programs. Latin America is a very bloody region that has many wars, from getting free from Spain to other things like over product taxes. In the early days of the Latin American regions the U.S. invaded many of the countries and has since helped to imperialise the Latin American regions. Latin America is basically a bloody battle zone for various fights and stuff. Though a very violent country, oil exports are extremely high in Latin America. For the most part Latin America is on the low end of politics and economics in the way that they have less money and supplies per capita in their countries. The Roosevelt Corollary happened to help keep foreign expansion out of Latin America and allowed the U.S. to imperialise the Latin American lands. When the Dominican Republic was in trouble in getting taken over by the Europeans, the U.S. intervened and took it over as a protectorate government until it became stable again. When Argentina started on a revolution the U.S. marines came in to help keep the interests of the Americans. At one point in time the U.S. forces occupied Cuba.


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