A shot of the amazing duo of Jerry Revish and Andrea Cambern
Remember when Andrea flew with the Blue Angels?
She said she was more than ready to take a huge flip...
...But then she zonked out...
...But of course, she was OK and let us know it.
Andrea interviewing a breast cancer patient
Andrea and...ghost Dom? Yep. He even asked for a hug but then disappeared on her.
Andrea visiting Ground Zero following the events if 9/11.
Andrea at the lighting of the beacons of light at Ground Zero.
Harness racing anyone?
One summer, It was so hot, she took a chance to try to bake cookies in the sun.
Following the destruction of Hurricane Andrew, Andrea visits Florida to survey the damage.
Andrea working on "Breakthroughs: Conquering Cancer at the James"
Anyone attend the Ohio State Fair in 1992? 10TV was there.
Here's Andrea testing out the slingshot ride at the Ohio State Fair.
Buckeyes winning the 2003 title? Andrea was there with us.
Here's Andrea hosting the Race For The Cure in Columbus
Andrea worked on many stories over the years including an interview with Olympic gold medalist Stein Eriksen
Catching reptiles with Steve Irwin? Andrea did it.
One liked her so much, it gave her a kiss.

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