Tornado Adventure

I was lucky enough to meet Reed Timmer, a famous storm chaser, at a Discovery Education Summer Institute. When you meet Reed, he always takes three pictures with you. We are simulating what a storm chaser might do before, during, and after a tornado.


“Tornado.” Discovery Education, Mazzarella Educational Media, 2014, app.discoveryeducation.com/learn/videos/8ce9d9be-356b-49ee-bbf3-bff3ad87153f

Here are some questions for you to answer after watching the video. Submit a Google Doc to Google Classroom with your answers.

1. What causes a tornado?

2. What might happen when a violent tornado hits the ground?

3. What is the different between a funnel cloud and a tornado?

4. What is a supercell and how is it formed?

5. Where is the safest place to be when a tornado is approaching?

6 Some students create tornado machines to simulate a tornado. Here is one that my son built. Does this project actually show how a real tornado is formed? Why or why not?

7. NASA has a program called Science on a Sphere. Here is an overview of the formation of a tornado as seen on the sphere. What additional facts did you learn about tornadoes while watching this? (Here is what the sphere looks like at the National Weather Center.)

Here are some additional links to Discovery Education materials if you want to find out more about tornados!

Created By
Kathleen Schrock