"Keeping in mind that some days we'll soar, and others we may crawl, helps to remind us that life is indeed a balance."

Finding Balance

Balance. Something I have always struggled with. Sometimes, one thought or idea consumes my brain, and I can no longer focus on the many aspects that weave together to make this thing called life. When I find something that grabs my attention, it’s hard to not focus 100% of my time (what’s left over, anyways) and attention towards it. I think all people, to a certain extent, are guilty of doing this at some point or another. The difference is that some people are equipped with a little switch in their brains that flip into “balance mode” when things get too hectic. (Or at least that’s the way I picture it) Somehow these people have discovered the gift of “balance” and how it can make life a whole lot easier.

Balance is Not Multitasking

I’m not comparing “balance” to “multitasking”. I multitask all the time! What mom doesn’t?! In my mind, multitasking means getting the many things done that have to be done…sometimes a million things at a time! Balance means feeling content with what you did get done, and not fretting over the things you didn’t. Giving enough of yourself to each task, without spreading yourself too thin. In an unbalanced state of mind, I might let the fact that I didn’t get everything done, ruin my sense of accomplishment from the things I did get done. I also might let the fact that I ate something less than nutritious, overshadow the many healthy things I put into my body. This actually leads me right to where my epiphany began!

A Little Backstory

Since embarking on my journey to eat healthier and take care of my body, I have had a very goal focused vision to stay on track, and not give into the idea of “everything is a balance”. In my opinion, “balance” in this scenario, only gives you an excuse to make unhealthy decisions. Well, while on vacation, I was tested. I found myself put into many situations where I had to utilize this thing called “balance”. There were many victories, but there were many failures as well. If I learned one thing on this vacation though, it was sometimes you have to bend, so you don’t break.

A few months ago, I eagerly planned our vacation. I made sure we had a hotel with a kitchenette so that we wouldn’t have to eat out for every meal. I researched healthier local food options and nearby grocery stores. I had it all mapped out in my mind. The morning of our trip I even packed healthy snacks to eat on the way.

So What Went Wrong?

Well, since I’m the only one following the nutritarian lifestyle (my husband is not), I was slightly outnumbered when it came to food options. Although at our home, I primarily offer nutritarian foods to my girls, my oldest has had a taste of the “standard American diet” prior to me making the switch. This makes it very difficult when we go out to places that offer macaroni and cheese (her favorite), grilled cheese, and corndogs. So, with a grain of salt, I sucked it up and visited several places I was less than thrilled to visit. Even though I couldn’t get the “perfect” thing, I tried to pick the healthiest option that I could.

In a perfect world, I would follow my nurtitarian lifestyle no matter what. But also in a perfect world, my family would be following it with me…and so would everyone else! Restaurants would actually offer food that followed the nutritarian guidelines. Do you know how difficult it is to find something on any menu that is oil free, vegan, and not full of added salt and sugar? Well let me tell you, it’s nearly impossible! Obviously, I can’t survive on lettuce alone!

I had a few internal battles wrestling between focusing too much on food and not enough on our family vacation. This was our first family vacation as a family of 4! This was the first time either of our girls had spent the night in a hotel. This was a big deal! I didn’t want food to overshadow all of the other memories we were trying to make. I also didn’t want to spend all of my time in the hotel preparing foods to eat. I made the decision that I would seek balance. And you know what? I didn’t die!

Balancing Life

I think being put into difficult situations, sometimes helps us to truly discover ourselves. I not only discovered “balance” for eating, but it overflowed into other aspects of my life. Some days, I find myself spread so thin that I feel like I’m sinking in quicksand. Two piles of laundry on the couch, food to be made, floors to be cleaned, and two precious baby girls wanting to spend time with mommy. How do you handle the demands of everyday life? Balance. Put things in order of priority and work your way down the list. Some days you may fly through your to-do list, and have time to spare, but other days you may not accomplish all that you wanted to. That’s ok! Your mindset and attitude are what create balance.

Although the word “balance” should never be used as an excuse, it sure helps to bring you sense of peace. I will still strive to eat the best foods that I can, but when put into less than ideal situations, I will simply utilize the blissfulness of balance. I’m so glad that I had to opportunity to truly discover the beauty of balance, and how it can give you peace. Keeping in mind that some days we’ll soar, and others we might crawl, helps to remind us that life is indeed a balance.

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