Success After Stetson Professional and career readiness


At Stetson University we start out by challenging our students to Go Beyond expectations, comfort zones and classrooms. It’s a challenge to live to the best of their ability, pursuing dreams and goals with conviction.

"If there is anything, one thing, I love about Stetson is the community this place has. Everyone that I've met here has genuinely wanted me to succeed.” Erica Kok, Computer Science 2019, stetson.edu/2019


Internships turn into opportunities, connections into careers. From prestigious graduate schools like Oxford and Johns Hopkins to amazing careers in the public and private sectors, Stetson graduates are taking success to new levels and redefining significance.

In 2018-2019, (the year of our latest survey) 88% of Stetson graduates were employed (69%) or in graduate school (19%).

Knowledge Rate is 88%

Knowledge Rate=Response rate of our survey plus additional information from outside sources (including faculty and staff that stay in touch with our graduates).

Including our latest data, Stetson University's average post graduation success rate, (graduates employed and those in graduate school) for the past five years is 90% (2019-88%, 2018-91%, 2017-89%, 2016-89%, 2015-91%).


INTERNSHIPS ARE CRITICAL: 78% of those responding found an internship to be very helpful in preparing them for the workplace. 53% of respondents indicated they had completed an internship while working on their Stetson degree, and more than a third completed more than one internship.

How Internships Help Career Preparation

Facebook®, Microsoft® and Google® — not many students can say they've had the opportunity to work with three major technology giants. Erica Kok can.

Stetson Success Skills

Stetson's Career and Professional Development department supports student career preparation by integrating LEVEL UP, Stetson Professional and Career Readiness Competencies and career success skills into every aspect of student life.