Village of Pulaski Wisconsin

Issues: Economic Development, Budget/Money, Blight Buildings, Styles of Running a Village, and Communication/Personelle issues.

Economic Development- struggling to find developers or businesses to locate to our community

Budget/Money- always need to cut money to make plan work

Blight Buildings- trying to get rid of them so there isn't a bad first impression on visiting people.

Styles of running the village- different pero,e have different ways to run it

Communication/Personelle Issues- communication is key and they need the right people in the right positions

Old fire station and Amicos Pizza

One of the problems the village is having is agreeing on how to handle the building that have no use and are run down. They are currently sending notices to the owners to fix up the building because having a run down building isn't a good impression or look of Pulaski. My opinion on how to handle this problem is offer the owner of the land money and buy the land, knock down the building, and put the land up for sale. Up at the top, is some of the Buildings that are suggested to demolish.

Map of Pulaski WI
Municipal Building Address- 585 E. Glenbrook Drive, Pulaski Wisconsin

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