California Ed Tech Blueprint Empowering Learning

The Blueprint for California Education Technology is a plan to ensure every California student will benefit from what education technology can offer. A Task Force gathered and prioritized information and came up with nineteen recommendations.

Teacher and students using technology to work as collaborators

Recommendation #7: Create a ranked-data platform to allow educators, parents, and students to evaluate online and blended learning resources.

How can the California Department of Education create an online community of support for teachers, parents and students?

1. Develop the necessary infrastructure for sharing educational resources across learning platforms.

2. Encourage collaboration among educators, parents and students, by offering incentives and facilitating classes.

3. Utilize and update the resources that already exist, such The Digital Chalkboard - a website for educators. Here, teachers use a message board called Brokers of Expertise to share information and resources that help online and blended technology learning in the classroom.

This partnership could align current technological and social media standards to ensure students and teachers have access to high-quality content and digital resources

Learning to use technology effectively is a requirement for a successful 21st century student.

Creating these kinds of learning communities is essential in facilitating the link between new and current technological resources.

This type of collaboration could also help teachers with the ongoing transition to the California Common Core Standards, by sharing various tools to integrate technology into the classroom while adhering to the standards.

What else can be done? Encourage and reward teacher and administrators’ use of technology to support current and emerging paradigms of learning. Districts can facilitate professional learning opportunities so teachers and administrators understand the best ways to integrate technology into the classroom, so that student learning is improved.

Simply adding technology to the classroom does not improve learning. What matters is how it is used to develop knowledge and skills.

How can you help to ensure the creation of a ranked data platform to improve the use of technology in California classrooms? Lobby your legislators and school boards to develop a comprehensive technology blueprint for California schools. Hold them accountable for the policies, programs, and services that you want your children to benefit from and make sure they are implemented.

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