Good Life Performance Constans Theatre

The Spatial Experience: Approaching the entrance to the play is part of the entertainment in the Constans theatre. Even from the outside it is very visually appealing with the Reitz Union lake and beautiful glass work in front of very large windows. The very large windows add to a sense of openness and even when the entrance is packed with people you don't feel claustrophobic. It is truly a pleasant place to be and "warms you up" for the play to come.

The Social Experience: I attended the performance with two of my friends. I walked to the performance from my dorm with my roommate Kyle Scheller and met up with another friend at the theatre. I would highly recommend going with friends to the play, it makes any waiting time fly-by and it makes it more fun. I believe that it also adds to your appreciation of the play because you can talk about it later with that person. A play or other works of art bring up many questions and it is very nice to have someone who shared the same experience with whom to discuss it with.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play dealt with many of the social issues associated with america early in the industrial period. Specifically it dealt with many of the hardships faced by the working class. It made it seem as if the wealthier citizens where just living a non realistic life, while the working class where being decapitated and suffocated in horrendous working environments. Even the struggles felt by the wealthy seemed absolutely meaningless when juxtaposed to the suffering by the lower class. It was kind of horrifyingly- comedic in that it was laughing at real issues. I had learned about these conditions and heard stories through out my education on this time period. The play really solidified my idea of how horrible life was for some people back then. It really made me appreciate how much I do have and how much work has gone into that.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine shows the audience how many "immoral" things had to happen for us to have what we have. It is a common joke of children working in sweatshops in china and of child labor in other countries when even worse things happened in the US. It is very easy to be very smug towards other countries and tell them to not have child labor and to pay their workers well when we wouldn't be where we are without that. It shows the audience that the US was once a developing nation and has some blood on its hands also.

The lobby of the Constans Theatre


Kyle Scheller

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