Digital Design By Dean


In digital Design we make awesome very detailed drawings of things. Also we sometimes have specific things to draw.

Also we have three topics and pick one from each thing and put them together to make something awesome.

A drawing i made
Another one of my drawing.

We also get the initials of PSSAs and put photos together to make something.

We also make drawing of random thing we may like or pictures we find.

My favorite drawing


We also make drawing projects of things we like. Like makimg superheros and strories for them and making comics of them with are drawings.

My superhero.
A bit of my comic and my podcast logo.

We make green screen movies and have to make logos for them. In them we make podcasts and talk showes. Also we make comics with drawings and pictures. We can make them about villiens superheros stories of people doing things.

Some more of my projects

We also make little logos for movies that aren't that discriptive but show the point of what were trying to make and shows them a bit of what it is about and what is going to be in the movie.

Were different from other things because we mostly draw and make drawing projects and use clay and stuff like that to make videos.

If you want your digital design to be attractive and appealing then you'd better do some hard work on your side. Since the net is overflowing with great and amazing digital design these days, the competition for creating a perfect digital design can be quite tricky and complicated. It is also hard to make a good drawing with all the people and there amazing drawings these days.

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