Santa MoNica PIer


The owner of the state, by if the law is needed and if it helps the state, by what the person has done or did, policemen, marshal law, and immigration


Dry summers, mild winters, average temperatures is usually 71

Transportation options.

Bus, plane, train, car, etc.z

System of money

We will have 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, and 100's

Basic rules

As a kid you follow the rules of your parents and the rules your given at school, why as your a teen/ adult you follow the rules where you work or that the state gives you.

Res. Of the community

To let you have the chance to experience something new, gives you an idea what the future can look like.

Community's purpose

To experience life underwater

Marketing tool advertising our community.

Our motto: turn like water and just go with the flow

Available housing : We have apartments , duplexes , beach houses for rent , and houses for sale by the beach !

School options : at the age of 5 you can start going to school and at the age of 18 your done your able to do online schooling home schooling and whatever fits best for you.

Requirements: good credit, children go to school, need license et.

Perks : Beach , fishing , swimming , very clear water , lights at night , very nice houses / apartments ,shops and very neat and clean

Advantages : low pricing ,great whether , nice housing , friendly neighbors and a very nice neighborhood..

The map of our utopia
Flag for our utopia

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