Code Talkers: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two By Joseph Bruchac

Code Talkers: Bouganville

Summary: Prownian Analysis- This is a YA novel intended for a non-native audience, and therefore is contrary to a lot of Native American art.

New Insight/What did I learn? Novel offered fictionalized accounts of historic events, so its contextually rich. BIA Schools, attitudes toward Native Americans, etc. Most striking: how quickly the Navajo (and other Native groups) answered the call of a nation that they were never allowed to fully participate in.

Third Rail? How does this book speak to the broader experience of Native Americans? Advice?

Code Talkers is a Native American authors' manifesto for cultural and linguistic preservation as an act of defiance. The irony that the Navajo, who's language was systematically oppressed, were asked to use that language to serve the US was not lost on Bruchac. Because his own native language, Western Abenaki, is close to linguistic extinction Bruchac admires the Navajo cultural and linguistic resilience.

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