In The Picture Food you work for and grow

Go food to me is food you go out and work for. Its food that grows natural in the wild.
Good food is food you never know if you will get or not. Food you need to move around for and find.
Good food is food you grow. food that comes from where you live.
Good dairy is what comes from naturally feed cattle. Cattle that is raised in you state down the road.
Good beef is beef that you rise. Beef the you know what is was feed and know what shots it had.
Good pork is pork you raised and feed. If you want good pork and not to worry where it comes from raise your own.
Good food is you grow in a garden. Food you need to wait for to pick and eat.
Food you need to clean yourself and cook. Food you need to put your own seasoning on.
Eggs that you get from your own chickens. Chickens you know what they eat.
The best dinner is all the stuff you grow and know where it comes from. That is the best dinner to me.


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