Alex Bomer's Genius Hour How can vegetarianism and fitness improve my health in 30 days?

Blog Post 1

I have decided to focus on going vegetarian for 30 days and also working out twice a week for 30 days. This is important to me because I want to have the experience of being a vegetarian. I want to know what it is like. I am going to be working out because I want to get back in shape and get in better health. My goals for this project are to actually enjoy vegetarianism and continue on with the diet. I also hope to get in good shape and continue to work out. I will make record my meals and what they contain. I will record my workouts including; what the workout is and how long I worked out.

Blog Post 2

At the beginning of my project, I didn't think this was going to be too much of a challenge. Now that I'm actually following this new diet, I realize that it is quit hard to stick to it. I didn't realize how much I actually eat until I had to stop eating it. I also learned that it's hard to quick eating meat so abruptly. I should've slowly gave up little by little instead of quitting cold turkey. However, I have been doing really good and haven't cheated on this new and unique diet. I am proud of myself for making this my project topic. This week I read an article written by a woman who stopped eating meat and she wrote about her experience and the struggles of it. Even though it was challenging, she has decided to stick with this lifestyle, for both herself and the animals. I haven't gone to the gym this week, but I definitely plan on going this weekend and next week.

Blog Post 3

This week it has been a lot easier to stick to the eating changes. The more I do it, the easier it seems to get. I honestly didn't think I would be able to stick with it, but I have and I'm happy with it. I think after this project, I will continue my diet. It has made me feel more energized, healthy, and it seems to be giving me some kind of boost. Also, I'm helping the animals and I feel that I'm overall helping nature. The only question I have is how am I getting my protein? I know I'm getting it, but how? I've always thought that you get your protein through meats. Is that not true? That's the only new question I have.

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