HRSA Garage Sale and Console Radio Auction - all SOLD. Was held on Sunday April 15, 2018 in Melbourne - ALL SOLD - WATCH FOR OUR REGULAR AUCTIONS AND SALES.


Rules include:

1/ All welcome, including the public,

2/ The HRSA reserves the right in consultation with the vendor to refuse entry or ask anyone to leave

3/ Security on site full time from now and during the event.

4/ No early callers or visitors

5/ Cash sales only. Security on site

6/ Auction items are not available until paid for in full and cannot be removed until a receipt issued and shown to Security check-out. No items available until the finish of the Auction. Payment facilities not available until the finish of the Auction.

7/ The sale items cannot be inspected or purchased until the Auction is over, all payments received and consoles removed. No access allowed to the sale area until the Auction Manager and Security say so.

8/ If an owner wants to leave his/her console/s in the building after the Auction, they do so at their own risk.

9/ The Auctioneer's decision is final. If you are bidding do not be discreet, rather yell your bid, for example "$100".

10/ If the Auctioneer misses seeing your bid, he has sole discretion deciding on if he re-opens bidding. Again let him know loudly.

11/ No item is warranted as working, (even if a member says so) so inspect carefully.

12/ All items subject to the standard Electrical Safety Notice

13/ You are purchasing "As is" and the HRSA is not responsible for the safety or condition of items

Bidding and purchases open to non-members. Cash only.

Garage sale after Auction - bargains from $1 ! Bring coins and small notes!

No early callers. Security staff overnight and at the event. We reserve the right to check bags.

Includes a Sausage Sizzle - gold coin donation


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This page is as accurate as possible. .

CONSOLE AUCTION Click on any image for larger

There are a couple of consoles not photographed, however most likely in some photos below.

Below: only a couple of radios are suitable for restoration in this photo, however a tremendous source of rare spares ...






Created By
Kevin Poulter President, HRSA


Photographs by Kevin Poulter

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