The Fight Of 2014 Brianna Matte

Think about it, you’re 11 years old and brought into a unbelievable fight that was made up of your closest friends. The fight changes how you see everything and affects how you see them even years later. You’re entering sixth grade and everyone tells you that you’re supposed to be mature enough to handle these situations, but some fights get a little out of hand.

It was a bright summer morning and I woke up thinking the day would be great, but boy was I wrong. I walked downstairs to a delicious looking breakfast, then my parents told me they were going to my aunt’s house to help move a new piece of furniture. When my parents left, I was planning on staying home and watching TV, when there was a sudden knock on the door. Betsy was surprisingly at my door. I burnt my hand opening the door because the door itself was boiling hot, but the handle was blazing hot. She marched in my house and kicked her shoes off angrily. Then forcefully told me we had to hide from the others. The problem was I had no clue who the others were. I soon found out later why I was dragged into what became the fight of 2014. In previous years, I was the unwelcomed neighbor that everyone ignored, I would occasionally talk to Ava and Amelia, but not very often. Being dragged into this fight was definitely not the warm welcome I wanted. Although, I didn’t mind because I thought it would be a simple fight that would blow over by an hour or so. When Betsy walked in my house, she explained everything that happened and how this whole fight began. At this point it was around noontime, but I understood everything that occurred. Amelia had to choose one best friend and Betsy needed to be that one best friend. Amelia and Ava thought more than one best friend was perfectly fine. I kept questioning why I was “forced” to support Betsy when I agreed with Amelia and Ava, but I finally understood. That Betsy needed it to be even so she could “overpower” them. With her luck that occurred for a little while, but not long.

When Betsy left to go eat lunch, the group was silent and did not bring up the matter. We simply hung out. Whenever Betsy came back was when absolute chaos broke out. This fight lasted the rest of the day and until 7 pm. Many hurtful words and phrases were said, and that’s when nobody spoke for a good two hours. In those two hours, many tears were shed, but it seemed as if no one wanted to forgive and forget. We all stayed together even if we weren’t talking. The pain of silence was unbearable, but I managed through it. After the two hours Ava, Amelia, Betsy, and I met up, and I tried to apologize, but it was not taken. The apology was turned into more hurtful words and so more chaos broke out.

With forgiveness being taken as more cruelty, we thought the fight would never end, and as we predicted, it didn’t end. This fight left a dent in the friendship of 4 girls, but two ended up being best friends later on in life. Still to this day Amelia and I talk about it, but now we can laugh it off knowing how childish the fight actually was.

Forgiveness is given, but sometimes it is not received how it should be.

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