Humanistic Focused on the ways "healthy" people strive for self-determination and self realization.

Self actualization is to fulfill one's full potential. I am always asking myself what makes me happy, and why I place higher value on some things as compared to others. The task of self-accepting and being self-aware is completely difficult. Especially in this day and age, people are always striving to be "perfect". Sometimes I've found myself doing great things, yet I end up not being happy about them becuase it "wasn't good enough", or I could have done even better. I believe that one fulfills their full potential later in life.
Unconditional Positive regard is an attitude of total acceptance toward another person. This means that you judge the person for who they are, and not the actions that they do. My friends sometimes get in trouble with the principal at school, or do things that I personally would never do, but I still accept them and love them, because they are good at heart. Their actions do not change how I see them as a person. Another example related to myself that I have learned, is that If I got a 60 on a quiz, that means that I did bad on the quiz, but that doesn't mean that I am an overall bad person.

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