Global Professional Experience Program Six Notre Dame students share their experiences in Asia

Ashlee Yixian Fu, Computational Math and Statistics, Music Performance, '21

Company: United Foundation for China's Health

Location: Beijing

At United Foundation for China's Health, I assisted in the Wheels For Life Program. The mobile clinic built within a bus was my main workplace. I went on trips to visit clinics, foster homes, and even far away rural areas in China to provide medical assistance. Cooperating with doctors, nurses, and other stuff was a valuable experience to observe the practice of medicine and how a charity organization functions.
Our cancer-screening trip led by Fosun Group to a county 800 miles away from Beijing allowed me to get a glimpse into the huge need for medical help in rural China. The whole project successfully screened hundreds of local women for cancer, yet the preparation period was merely two weeks. I was impressed by how Fosun could gather expansive societal support and initiated a multi-lateral cooperation in order to direct medical resources to those in need. Witnessing this powerful leadership at work, I aspire to not only be someone equipped with skills, but also someone who has a voice in healthcare and in service.
The mobile clinic for Wheels for Life Program
Basic life support training session at a foster home conducted by a United Family Healthcare nurse
Fu is hugging a child after she was examined by a UFH doctor from Children's Hope, a UFCH partner

Conrad Palor, Finance and Philosophy, '21

Company: Genesis Community Foundation

Location: Beijing

Visiting Beijing was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as I was able to learn about Chinese culture while gaining experience that furthered my own professional development. From visiting the Great Wall to eating hot pot in the Hutongs, my trip to Beijing exposed me to new ideas and has catalyzed my own personal development.
Beijing Olympic Stadium where the opening ceremony for the 2008 summer olympics were hosted
A contemporary dance show in the Genesis Beijing Building’s lobby
Palor at the Great Wall of China

Megan Baumbach, Finance and Economics, '21

Company: Caixin Media

Location: Beijing

The greatest takeaway from this experience in terms of professional knowledge was being able to work for a company that operated in such a different part of the world than the US with contrasting cultural norms. From the little things, such as adjusting to coworkers napping at their desk after lunch, to the big picture things such as learning how to receive harsher feedback, I now feel that I am better equipped to interact with people from different cultures in my future career endeavors.
In terms of academic knowledge, I feel that this has been one of the most valuable months of my life. All day long, I was learning everything I could about countries around the world with less of a US dominant perspective. First and foremost, this experience humbled me while also greatly increasing my knowledge of countries that are integral to the global market.
Temple of Heaven
Megan's favorite meal was hot pot

Devan Shah, Accounting and Economics, '21

Company: Xiaomi, Inc.

Location: Beijing

I designed a new package for a product so that it was both legally compliant and marketable in Western Europe. The project consisted of legal requirement analysis for multiple countries, as well as market research into competitors and primary consumers. Throughout the project, we met with multiple VP's in the company to understand more about other divisions and how the company works as a whole.
One of the VP's that we met with was also a former employee of Goldman and Sachs. After our official meeting, we scheduled a meeting over coffee with her. This meeting was one of the best parts of the experience, as I learned a lot from her about how to succeed in the world of business.
A temple in the Summer Palace
Chinese chess in the park

He Duan, Finance and Economics, '21

Company: IBM

Location: Shanghai

My primary duties involved the creation of an all new promotional brochure for a start-up company affiliated with IBM, and also the creation of PowerPoint slides for on-campus outreach events and competitions that are part of IBM’s University Relations Department. I also learned about different departments and operations of IBM in China and what each of them do and how each relates to one another.
The experience challenged me to come up with creative solutions for the administrative duties I was tasked with, in a process that allowed me to integrate knowledge learned from various disciplines in the classroom, and all whilst gaining a deep appreciation and understanding of the complexity involved in the management and functioning of a large multinational conglomerate like IBM.
Duan attended an internal corporate culture seminar where the outgoing Global Senior VP of IBM presented
Duan attended an IBM sponsored financial services software creation competition at Fudan University

Nicole Cheng, Science, Business & Sociology, '21

Company: Synergy Group

Location: Hong Kong

Since I was not assigned to any one department, I was exposed to many different aspects of working in a corporate environment. By having jobs in various departments, I had to learn to quickly adjust to each section's respective needs and responsibilities. For instance, the skills required of me to understand and handle blueprints were drastically different from those needed to communicate and collaborate with PR consultants. I was definitely challenged with trying to develop so many new skills at once, but working in an ever-changing environment taught me how to adapt, problem-solve, and be coachable. This experience was also valuable for helping me self-assess my own strengths and existing capabilities. I can now better discern potential future vocations that would fit me best.
Cheng attended the RISE conference to network with speakers from large corporations and new startups
The Hong Kong city skyline by the HK Observation Wheel
Cheng helped organize a press conference to announce the acquisition of a subsidiary

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