Meet our Ambassadors Our diverse team of Mermaid Life® Ambassadors are on the forefront of our brand.

Mermaid Life® Pro Ambassador Merle

World Champion Swimmer Merle Lilvand
Wearing her best Mermaid Life®
When not competing, Merle is mermaiding.

Merle Liivand is a national Estonian competitive swimmer, Model, aquapreneur, CEO, Ambassador, Triathlete, International Spokesperson and open water swimmer from Tallinn, Estonia. She is known mostly as a modern day live mermaid and Ice Princess who never stops exploring a life and passion towards Mermaid Life®.

During her career she has taken many hits and successes what she loves to share with kids and adults on the TALKs around the schools, events and podcasts. On her spread time she enjoys teaching and advocate Mermaid Swimming. In 2015 she was First Estonian who made it to tv show “Good Morning America” together with World of Swimming Mermaid School.

In 2014 she took part of WORLD RECORD 100x 100 yards record swim on “Swim with MIKE” event. Liivand has won many International Medals during her career. She´s a 3 time Baltic Champion, 2 time Silver medallist in WORLD Ice Swimming, 2 times Florida Winter Champion, 10 km Open Water Worlds Qualifier and Rio Marathon Swimming Olympic Trial swimmer. She is delighted philanthropist who has been leading many Ocean Clean Ups, health charity and drowning prevention events around the world. Merle now lives and trains in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale/ Miami . Follow Merle on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mjerlel Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/merle.liivand Twitter: www.twitter.com/mjerle

Mermaid Life® Star Ambassador Tami

Mermaid Tami
Mermaid Tami living her Mermaid Life®

Mermaid Tami was the first to join our team of brand ambassadors in 2018. Hailing from mid-Ohio, this lifestyle mermaid encompasses many aspects of Mermaid Life®. Not only is Tami a professional performing mermaid, she also lives much of her life on a lake houseboat during the summer. Very active in water sports, you'll find her paddle boarding her way across the water when she is not in her mermaid gear. Tami has been featured in national publications such as Houseboat Magazine. Follow Mermaid Tami on Instagram @mermaidtami1

Mermaid Life® Star Ambassador Shellsea

Mermaid ShellSea
Mermaid ShellSea in her gear
Living her Mermaid Life® in scuba

Mermaid Shellsea, AKA Chelsea, joined the Mermaid Life® team as a brand ambassador in 2018. Living in Northeast Florida, being on or in the water is a part of life for her. Chelsea is very active as a swimming mermaid at local springs and meet ups - she owns over 20 beautiful tails. When she isn’t mermaiding in the Florida Springs, you can find her scuba diving, fishing, or on the offroad trails in her Jeep. She lends her spare time working with the Florida Springs Conservation, Florida Springs Mermaids and with Fort Benning Wounded Warrior. Follow her mermaid adventures on Instagram @shellseaflmermaid

Mermaid Life® Ambassador Jaime, Pro SUP Rider

Mermaid Life® SUP Team rider
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Mermaid Life® is always in season.

Hello, I am Jaime. I live in Southern Maryland nestled between the Rivers and Bay, I am surrounded by water. I began competitive swimming at the age of 7 and graduated out at 19. Trying to find my way in the world took me away from the water for a short time. A broken ankle brought me to the sport of paddle boarding and back to the water I love so much. After picking up the sport, I quickly found a love for paddle board racing which has taken me along the East Coast for races. I am very active in promoting the sport in my community. I have reached many people and they have found a new love for paddle boarding. I love to work out on my SUP to train for races however, I am easily distracted by our beautiful dolphins, sting rays, fish, crabs, eagles, and beautiful sunsets. I am never too busy to take it all in. During the winter, I am on the water still and mostly at night. The water is so majestic at night. I have promoted water safety for all my fellow paddlers and give tips for the tools of night paddling. I document my travels with my go pro which is mounted to my board. I am an advocate for clean waters. I collect trash I find floating on the water and dispose of it properly. I clean the shoreline on the beach where I launch from. My family has always called me a mermaid for as long as I can remember. Summers have always been filled with swimming in the ocean, rivers and pools. I have such a passion for water and I love to share it with the world. I have served my beloved community for 13 years as a deputy sheriff. My squad always knows where to find me when work is slow– by the water. I am looking forward to the upcoming racing season and promoting Mermaid Life® during my daily travels. Follow Jaime on Instagram @jaimedavis82 #mermaidlifeSUPteam

Mermaid Life® Star Ambassador Starfish " Las Vegas Mermaid"

Starfish, a dazzling mermaid from Las Vegas

Starfish the Mermaid lives in a sea of neon, residing in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. The view of Las Vegas from atop the surrounding hills is comparable to admiring a magical sparkling ocean deep into the night. There may not be an ocean, but she has still made a career out of her passions. Starfish began life as a mermaid in 2011, before traversing to Las Vegas where mermaids were very few and far between. Starfish has seen much success in her glowing home; being featured on a main billboard in the heart of downtown Vegas, appearing as star guest for the grand opening of a new interactive aquarium where all the news crews witnessed her swimming, a spot in the Las Vegas Review Journal, and several local interviews showcasing her creative talents.

Starfish strives on a life of creativity, creation, wonder, sparkles, and sharing her passion with not only Las Vegas, but the world! Since 2018, she took up her own Professional Mermaid business, but her primary job is a Designer started alongside her seasonal mermaiding career. When it comes to mermaid fashion, Mermaid Life® fits perfectly for this shooting Starfish, and now you too will get to share in Star's upcoming creative feats, mermaid adventures, and best of all her Mermaid Life® promotions by following her on Instagram and Facebook, @StarfishtheMermaid!

Mermaid Life® Brand Ambassador Meagan

Snorkeling is my way of Mermaid Life®. I spend a lot of time on the beach. As a child I lived in Florida until I was 7 and then moved to Pennsylvania where I still live a Mermaid Life®. We continued to visit Florida yearly, so I can soak up the sunshine. I will be getting married at no other place than on the beach this year. I love animals and have two cats and one dog. Recently I have started a blog where I review new products that are better for us and our planet, in hopes of reducing plastic and chemicals for a better environment.


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