Harn Museum of Art Alexa Giordano


In the section of African artwork, one piece stood out to me above the rest; it is a large standing of a colorful and extravagant "man." Seeing this piece in person rather than in a picture is completely more empowering in that I could see the full body effect as I walked around and observed all sides of him. I could more thoroughly see the details of the work and its beauty. The medium/technique of the work that was so striking was all the different colors and strings of fabric/material that were put into the making of this piece. The details of the clothing and facial structures were also amazing. This piece communicated a sense of culture that I was not so familiar with and helped me understand different kinds of art. The artwork made me feel happy and appreciative of all the different types of artwork and beauty that can be conveyed in different forms, as it is not just a picture on the wall but a standing art, if you will.


The African artwork wing/exhibit of the museum was the most appealing to me, both physically and mentally because of the intense feeling and vibe the room provided. The colors of the room and the placement of all the artwork conveyed a different feel than all the other rooms, combined with the different sense of culture. I particularly enjoyed the drastic colors from white to a deep red on the walls, and the very spacious layout of the artwork, and of course, the colors of the artwork itself. In addition, the dimmer lighting of the room added to the feel. The exhibit made me feel appreciative of the beauty and design in that section of the museum, as well as passionate and understanding of the work inside.


hAn artwork that appealed to my core values was one labeled, "Mama Baby, Tidal Pools, Trinidad, California." This piece is one of many naked woman laying around on a beach, some pregnant, some not, but all relaxing and free. This piece appeals to several of my values of accepting, nurturing, and friendship/loyalty. This visual representation allows me to appreciate and further explore my core values in that these women all accept each other, no one judges, and they are all so free and caring of each other in the photo. Their naked bodies seem to have no effect on each other, and the pregnant women show the beauty of nature and nurture, as the photo portrays the bare and beautiful bodies of women. It is a simple piece that provokes emotions within me, such as love, high spirits, and friendship. Additionally, this photo helps me better understand what I cherish because it shows me that deep down, all people could be/are accepting and loving, and women should stick together, as these women accept and support each other.


One artwork that portrays a Good Life theme is a beautiful photo of many people sprawled across a fertile field, in groups of two or three, all enjoying different yet simple activities. This particular photo evokes a Goodlife theme of freedom and simplicity. Freedom and simplicity are portrayed in this photo by the different groups of people all laying in the wind, relaxing and enjoying the company of others (freedom) without tasks of work, and then the incredible happiness of the looks of people conveys simplicity in that there is no extravagant, money-spending or materialistic activities that contribute to happiness, just the earth and other people. Freedom and simplicity contribute to the Good Life in that without freedom, people are restrained and cannot live to their full potential; simplicity shows the Good Life in that happiness comes from within, not from materials on earth. This artwork adds to my appreciation of the theme in that it reminds me what is truly important in life, connections with others, and happiness.

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