Pablo Escobar, Angel or Demon? By: Samantha casillas


Pablo Escobar, Angel or Demon gives the audience insight on the notorious drug lord and criminal, Pablo Escobar. Unlike other documentaries about this legendary criminal, this one is unique because it explains a new perspective of Escobar. It shows how many people actually supported Pablo, and considered him a hero. The video shares the Escobar's early life as a child all the way through his adult and criminal years. The documentary was filmed in 2007 and traces Pablo's footsteps throughout Columbia including interviews from real eyewitnesses.

Purpose: Was he the good guy or the bad guy?

The purpose of the video was to explain how some people considered Escobar a "good guy" and others labeled him a terroristic, drug lord, which is where the title "Angel or Demon" comes into play. Today, when we hear the name Pablo Escobar, the first word that comes to mind is "criminal", well the documentary shows that many people during Escobar's time, viewed him as a hero and savior rather than the bad guy. The video opens the audience to the mindset of people who actually supported Pablo Escobar and all that he was doing, although his actions were against Colombia's government.


When creating this film, the director knew what he was getting himself into. The documentary undoubtingly has received many negative reviews and comments as it explains how people supported a criminal. Filming a documentary of any topic can be difficult, such as this one, especially when not everyone wants to hear the truth. By including the fact that Pablo Escobar was still criminal, even if he did have good intentions, the director showed that the documentary is not biased to one side of the argument.


Many people who knew Escobar, whether family or work-related, were interviewed in order for this documentary to explain his infamous life. The film also interviews those who were not directly involved with Escobar, but yet still impacted by his actions. Without the stories of both, personal encounters and indirect relations, people would not be able to understand why Escobar had so many supporters and advocates.

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