Otto Handwritten Legal Pad Mailer™ Introducing Dealer Mobile Lead's newest solution! The power of a 100% real hand-written note combined with our Otto funnel technology.

Introducing Dealer Mobile Leads Otto Hand-written Legal Pad Mailer™

Our cutting-edge AI technology is hidden in an old-fashioned letter. Can you even see it?

Dealer Mobile Leads will create a personalized 100% REAL hand-written note, using a blue ink pen, on a yellow legal paper.

You can actually see and feel the indentation of the pen

We even make business cards with your photo (this is where the hidden AI technology journey begins for your customer).

Photo scan of actual business card inserted in the envelope

The QR code can be scanned simply by opening your camera app on your device and aiming it at the code.

Go ahead, give it a try!

We insert the personal letter and business card into a #10 handwritten envelope.

You can feel the indentation of the pen on the envelope

Once scanning the QR code, your customer is then greeted by Otto's personalized chat bot, that then creates a web lead submission.

Our chat bot is just one of the many ways that your customer can contact you back!

It doesn't end there!

The customer can either text or call the number back on the hand-written letter! Each call is routed through our inbound line that we set up!

The entire text conversation or call is initiated by your customer = lowest funnel leads.

We prescreen the live call, and transfer the customer only after they opt-in for your offer.

We play a whisper message that notifies your staff its a call from our campaign.

Every opportunity, a call, text, or lead submission is recorded and your team is notified within minutes of it being completed.

Sample of the notification that your team will see, within minutes of a callback!

Dealer Mobile Leads will email you a daily summary providing you all the details of the campaign activity.

Look at these results!

Results are from a 5000 piece hand-written mailer campaign for a dealership
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