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During March a student which was in 8th grade, was going through many issues in the morning. He was really trying to pay attention in class, but something stopped him.

As the sun went through the bulletproof glass hitting the student's face, it only made it harder to pay attention. The teacher was standing next to her whiteboard, which was a little dirty, talking about Brazilian history. As she constantly kept teaching new information the student started to get confused. The student was weary, his foot fidget. As he tapped his nails in the table, we could all notice sweat falling slowly through his neck. Not only that, but that made him lead to stress and worries since he was lost and his brain wasn't fully ready, to receive that much.

In the article “Why teen brains need later school start time” according to Researcher Mary Carskadon, specialist in onset of puberty which is a study of puberty during ages of 10-16, teenage brains naturally wake up at 8:30. This means that students should not be getting that much information before that time.

"I think the tone of the day has changed dramatically. That's reflected in the overall (mood) of the student body" Tom Conrad, principal at Nauset Regional Schools said. Many schools and universities in the United States saw a huge change in students physically and emotionally just by making school start 30 minutes later. According to “telegraph.co.uk”, Oxford University will do a sleep experiment making class start at 10am, making it a 1 hour difference, from now.

Students at Oxford University planning the sleeping experiment.

As stated by Terra Ziporyn Snider, executive director of a school, in the article she stated that when schools have moved their bell time later they saw that there was less use of caffeine in the morning and more attention in class. Think of how this small project can really make a big difference, making students more focused. Students are getting really tired in their first block leading them to stress.

Out of 12 students, more than half said they are tired in their first block. This is because most of them are going to bed late, or are considered night owls. According to “Life’s Extremes” night owls are people which are more awake at night and sleepy at morings. Those are the ones who feel more comfortable working at night and feel more awake, that in dawn. On the other hand we have the early birds which are people that work better in the mornings.

This image from live science represents the difference between night owls and early birds

What if we had teacher give less homework to students. When interviewed an 10th grader we discovered that many reasons why they are tired in the morning is because of the work load they receive to do at home. It was past 10:30 and the student still had work to do. Teachers could communicate with each other and set a calendar which described what teacher would be giving homework this certain day. Than students and teachers would both be more organized and homework would be more fair.

The truth is that it's not about the teachers, but it's about the students. Students are the ones who will make the change, and the ones who will maybe make our world better. What if schools gave less homework? Wouldn't there be less use of caffeine in the morning, less stress and worriment?

“We noticed less use of caffeine, and more attention” - Terra Ziporyn Snider

Some pictures describing problems teenagers suffer.


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