Playground Equipment Take a Look at What's Coming This Fall

What's Coming to Sonoran Heights Parke

Four play components*

  1. Pollux Structure
  2. Bloqx
  3. Cocowave Pendulum Swing
  4. Spinner Bowl


  • New Shade Structure
  • A change in the footprint with new curbing
  • ADA compliant Poured in Place and sand combination

*All equipment is rated 5-12 year age group. We believe children younger than 5 and older than 12 will enjoy some of the components.

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"The Pollux structure is an open design to allow visibility of the natural desert beauty."
Cocowave Pendulum Swing

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What's Coming to Trailhead Parke

Three play components*

  1. Medite Corocord Net Structure
  2. Supernova
  3. Tipi Carousel


  • New Shade Structure
  • A change in the footprint, new curbing
  • Engineered Wood Fiber, ADA Compliant

* All components are 5-12 years. Like Sonoran Heights, we believe children younger than 5 and older than 12 will enjoy these components.

Tipi Carousel

What's Coming to Grayfox Parke

Six Components

  1. Silberhorn Structure (5-12 years)
  2. Basket Swing (2-5 Years)
  3. Spinner Bowl (2-5 Years)
  4. Coupe (2-5 Years)
  5. Daisy Springer (2-5 Years)
  6. Junior Spica Spinner (2-12 Years)


  • New shade cover on existing structure; painting of existing poles
  • Engineered Wood Fiber, ADA Compliant
  • No change in footprint

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Clockwise: Basket Swing, Daisy Springer, Junior Spica and Coupe

Tentative Completion Schedule

  1. Sonoran Heights - Early October
  2. Trailhead - Late October
  3. Grayfox - Mid November

A special Thank You to our Contractors and Working Group Members!

Created By
Las Sendas Community Association