Global Warming Joceline Barron

Is Global Warming really happening?

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What are the effects?
Melting Glaciers
Hotter Temperatures

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Who Does it Affect?
Polar Bears

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What can we do?

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Recycle paper, bottles and cans

Becoming Vegan/Vegetarian

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits instead of chemicals that are in other foods

Ride Your Bike

Reduce emission by riding your bike than your car

Use Solar Energy/ Less Energy

Turn off the lights when not in use or convert over to solar energy
The End
Created By
Joceline Barron


Created with images by girlart39 - "mountains ice bergs antarctica" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Full Disk view of Earth Captures Oklahoma Tornado" • valiunic - "green park season" • Hans - "deforestation forest tree stump" • kimberlykv - "Margerie Glacier" • S. Bhaskara Rao India - "See The Sun" • RichardBH - "Polar Bear" • Mark Turnauckas - "Bee Wear" • skeeze - "polar bears wildlife snow" • Kevin Briody - "Lots of people in a stand" • 324082 - "cans drink pollution" • quinntheislander - "recycled garden glass" • Aproximando Ciência e Pessoas - "Frutas e Vegetais" • 324082 - "bicycle bike biking" • kloxklox_com - "ceiling lamp lamp chandelier" • Mike Weston - "Arrays straight on" • clurr - "glacier"

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