Bob Geldof's life and mission

A prophet is a generous, selfless and caring person who can either share the word of their religion, or show their prophecy through their actions and choices. Prophets like Amos, fight for justice in humanity and have a compassion for helping the underprivileged and voiceless. Today we have many people just like Amos who want to help the poor and the sick, a great example is Bob Geldof.


Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof, also known as Bob Geldof was born on the 5th of October 1951 in Ireland. Bob attended a private catholic school named Blackrock college in Dublin Ireland, he aspired to be a musician and songwriter. Bob later in his life moved to Canada to work as a music journalist. In 1975 Bob Geldof's music dream came true as he became the lead singer of a band called the Boomtown Rats (Biography Ed, 2015). Bob Geldof is well known for his relentless works to eradicate the famine in Africa that was killing millions in the early 1980s. His passion for his musical career was the basis for helping save lives in Africa through Live Aid in 1985 and other charities from then on. Bob Geldof is currently 65 years of age (Biography Ed, 2015).


Bob Geldof is a prophet because his charity work has saved millions of God’s lives and he has taught the world the meaning of giving and helping people in extreme poverty by bringing awareness to the plight of others.

(Geldof, 2008)



Live aid was held on the 13th of July in 1985 and on that day political and musical history was made. Live aid was organised by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise awareness for the people dying in Africa due to famine (Geldof, 2008). In 1985 Africa experienced an unforgettable drought that killed millions of people as there was no food, water or animal life to feed them. Bob decided to use his musical career as a way of helping the starving people in Africa and raise money throughout the world to create history and save lives. Live Aid was a 16 hour concert that was shown in 100 different countries and an estimate of 1.5 billion people were watching, it is the largest scale satellite links up and TV broadcast of all time (Geldof, 2008). 60 of the worlds biggest rock stars performed all over the world to raise awareness for Africa, in total Live Aid raised $150 million pounds for Africa, in dollars that is equivalent to $245.4 million dollars (Geldof, 2008). This phenomenon changed the lives of millions through Bob's prophetic gestures.



(Geldof,2008) and (Iconic photo gallery, 2010)
(Valdez, 2014)

Live aid was just one of Bob Geldof’s works, Bob Geldof gathered British and Irish musicians and other artists to form a charity called Band Aid 'Feed the World'. Band Aid was established in 1984 by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure to raise money for famine in Africa and to help feed the poor all around the world. They helped raise awareness by releasing songs called 'Do They Know It's Christmas?' and ‘We are the world’ .These songs sold millions of records which was all donated to the people dying in Africa (Geldof, 2008). Bob Geldof was the opening door to raise awareness for Africa’s needs, which helps the world today. Bob Geldof modernised the song 'Do they know its christmas' in 2014 to promote awareness for the people dying from Ebola, it made $1.5 million and was all donated to the people suffering the disease. (Hoagn,2017) and (Suddath, 2016).

(Harry, 2016)





Bob Geldof was knighted for his amazing humanitarian works




  • Commission for Africa- Established by the British government to provide for Africa's needs, example food, water and shelter (Blair, 2004).
  • Africa Progress Panel- This charity provides positive change in Africa (Africa Progress Panel, 2016).
  • DATA Campaign- Helps with debt, AIDS and trade in Africa (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • 21st century leaders-It is a charity that inspires hope by gathering artworks from all over the world and raising funds for charitable causes chosen by each other (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • 46664- Nelson Mandela’s charity to help raise Global awareness for AIDS and HIV (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Aegis trust- A organisation dedicated to removing genocide and making the world a safe place (Purcell and Purcell,2006).
  • Amnesty international – It is a worldwide group of people who recognise human rights globally (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Bottle topic – Helps teenagers with transmitted infections e.g. (HIV) and teenage pregnancies, it is a UK charity (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Cinema for peace – Supports peace and international understanding through film (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Elton Jones AIDS foundation- Assists people affected by AIDS in America and in the UK (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Estamos – A water aid charity that provides fresh clean water in 3rd world countries and also helps with AIDS and hygiene (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Mo Farah foundation - Providing life-saving benefits to the millions of people facing starvation and disease in East Africa. (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • One campaign – Americans ONE by ONE help fight the disaster of global AIDS and extreme poverty, founder Bono (ONE campaign, 2015).
  • Population services international - A global health organisation that assists people with malaria, child survival, HIV and reproductive health (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • RADD – Generates positive attitudes about road safety (Purcell and Purcell, 2006).
  • Raisa Gorbachev Foundation- An international non government organisation dedicated to raise awareness for child cancer (Purcell and Purcell, 2006)
  • United Nations development programme – Helps countries build better lives and futures, helps 177 countries. It’s fighting poverty, building democratic societies, preventing crisis, recovery, protecting the environment, HIV/AIDS and empowers women (Purcell and Purcell, 2006)
  • War child – An organisation across the world to help children affected by war (Purcell and Purcell,2006).
  • Whatever it takes - A charity artwork project which inspires hope by gathering artworks from leaders in all fields; royalty, film, music, Nobel Peace Prize laureates, sports, literature and more (Purcell and Purcell,2006).
  • Willow foundation – The Willow Foundation is a national charity that provides special benefits for seriously ill people between the age of 16 to 40 year olds in the UK (Purcell and Purcell, 2006)
  • Make poverty history- Helping to deliver a poverty free generation (Purcell and Purcell,2006).

(Kapa65, 2014)


Amos was born in the Judean town of Tekoa in Israel. Before he started preaching and spreading the word of the Lord, he was a Shepard and a fig farmer. His activities took place around the reign of Uzziah, also known as Azariah, King of Judah, this was in between (783 – 742 B.C.) and Jeroboam II, king of Israel (786- 745 B.C (World Biography, 2004). Amos was Jewish and was sent by God to warn the Israelites of their judgment, even though Amos was not taught to be a prophet nor a son of a Prophet, God said “Go, prophesy to My people Israel” (Amos 7:14-15), so Amos did as the Lord insisted. (Ritenbaugh, 1999).

(OCA,2015) and (Yonchuk,2012)


Amos’ message was to give a voice to the poor and the troubled. Amos’ prophecy was mainly directed at the wealthy Israelites, who only cared for themselves and money. He preached about how the Lord was angry at how the northern Kingdom treated the lower class, Amos and God believed that everyone should treat thy neighbour with respect and justice, which at the time the Northern kingdom (Northern Israel) were not portraying. (Swindoll, 2014). The book of Amos is about God's passion for justice and how the world should love and respect each and everyone. (Enter the Bible, 2015).

(Michael Ghaly, 2011) and (Mercer,2013)



  • 'This is what the Sovereign Lord showed me: a basket of ripe fruit' (Amos 8:1). This relates to Bob Geldof because he envisioned a happy Africa with food and water.
  • ‘In that day “the lovely young women and strong young men will faint because of thirst”. (Amos 8:13). This relates to the people dying of thirst in Africa in 1985 due to the drought, Bob Geldof preached and ask people to donate for these young men and women.
  • "though they dig down to the depths below, from there my hand will take them. Though they climb up to the heavens above, from there I will bring them down". (Amos 9:2). This relates to all the donations and charity’s such as Band Aid and Live aid, that helped Africa when it was in drought and in loss. Everyone who donated saved a life from being sent up to heaven.
  • “The days are coming,” declares the Lord “when the reaper will be overtaken by the one who plows and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from mountains and flow from all the hills.” (Amos 9:13). With Bob’s donations and charities, it will repair Africa and the water will flow from mountains all the way through Africa and food and life will be seen.
  • When they had stripped the land clean, I cried out, “Sovereign Lord, forgive! How can Jacob survive? He is so small”. (Amos 7:2). This relates to Bob Geldof Because he was heart broken that innocent children were dying in Africa due to the drought.
  • (Chapman,2013)
(OCA, 2015) and (Gruppen,2016)


In conclusion the word prophet describes Bob Geldof and Amos truthfully because they both conducted their lives in a way that dramatically helped and changed the lives of others that were less fortunate. They worked tirelessly to help others, their works are truely inspiring and mesmerising.

(Wavo, 2014) and (OCA, 2015)

By Chiara Rose Pelle



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