Here, There Be Dragons James A. Owens

London, Avalon, and the open ocean are the overall locations in the first section of the book. I imagine London as a rainy place with lots of brick buildings and wet roads. I imagine Avalon to be a small grassy island with nothing sticking out as part of the Island.

The dead professors house, which is filled with books and glass scattered and broken. The private club building with one main room, a nice fire place, and a hallway leading to the backdoor and separate rooms along the way. The witches campfire, a fire with three chairs around it and a dark cave behind.
My novel takes place during World War One, with trains, submarines and electricity to back that up. This makes me feel like I reading something historical and not fictional, and that the book has real value in my life.
Most of section one takes place in London and another portion on the open ocean. I imagine the weather to be quite bad with a constant rain and fog in London, and almost clear waters through the sea.
In London, you can feel the crowded streets, and hear the constant chatter. I imagine being able to walk amongst the crowd, and have trouble not bumping into any of the walking people.
Trains, light posts and nice buildings time stamp the story. Long black steam engines of pure power and speed, trains, are used in my book to travel across the land in the real world. Light posts, tall, sleek, black, bright, light up the night streets in London. Brick walls, wooden finishings, almost modern buildings are used as houses, study's, schools, and private establishments in my book.

The overall mood/attitude of my book is one of adventure and exploration. The open ocean and new lands that the main characters have never heard of before creates the adventurous feel this book has.

In the beginning of the adventure, when the main characters are escaping from the monsters chasing them, the setting of London lets them escape, unlike if the setting was open fields. The unknown island called Avalon, adds a little bit of mysterious interest and excitement to the story.


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