My Portfolio By: Makayla Fayme Borgman

About Me;

Me & My Sister

My name is Makayla Borgman and I am a freshman at Zeeland West High School. This is my first year as an art student is high school, but I have always been fascinated with art. My grandma, taught me a lot throughout the years and I always looked up to her. My goal with art is to continue to grow as an artist, and learn new techniques. I originally signed up for the Advanced Art Class, but as I look back on it, I would not be where I am today, without the helpful skills that I learned within the Beginning Art Class. I thoroughly enjoyed this class, with all the fun art projects and also making new friends. I learned a lot during my semester of art, including: how to use placement and location while drawing, how to use value and texture to make my scratchboard more realistic, also learning the relationship among the horizon, vanishing points, horizontal and vertical lines.

My Mom & Dad


For stippling, I really had to incorporate, value. The more dots that I place in a certain area, the thicker the dot becomes, which in drawing is like shading. This piece of artwork took me a long time to fully complete because of all the value put into the piece. This is by far one of my favorite pieces.

Negative and Positive Spaces;

For my negative and positive spaces drawing I chose another giraffe. This was originally a perfect representation of positive and negative spaces, but the end I decided that I liked the drawing side portion better that the negative space, so later on I went back in erased the dark negative space and drew in the rest of my giraffe. The left side is the original positive space. Negative spaces are the areas around and behind the positive spaces. Negative space can also be referred to as the background.

Still Life;

For my still life I chose to focus on one area of the still life. With that area, I composed two of the same drawings, but with focusing on different textures and values. The two squares on the left are of the first drawing I did. This took me only an hour to complete. I used a very rough texture, and didn't blend the colors together to make the shadows and reflections stand out more. With my second drawing(right) I took my time and used a lighter value scale,


For my scratchboard piece I drew a German Shepard. I could not get a good picture of the full scratchboard, it came out fuzzy, and you could hardly see it. To get the drawing to show up I took pictures of my favorite parts of the drawing. The picture to the left is the best part of the drawing and where I really focused all my time and effort. I scratched away at the areas which were darker, which is using value. The texture I created using long squiggly lines, adds the allusion of fur on the dog.

Before&After Self Portrait;

My first self portrait was horrendous! But after learning and practicing how to do place/proportion the face, and draw the nose, eyes, ears and mouth, I got much better!


Learning how to draw people was extremely hard for me! Especially myself! in the end I think that it looks good, and sort of like me. All in all I think I did a pretty good job.

Before&After Hands;

Although it may seem as if my first hand drawing is on the left but actually its on the right side! My hand on the right side turned out very good for my first try. But, with using the 'picture plane' I created the hand on the left. I believe that the reason I struggled was because it was my first time using a 'picture plane'. I think I did improve a little with using shading to help the lines and wrinkles in my hand stand out more, rather than using lines.

Oil Pastel;

Succulents, so many succulents! For this drawing I decided to incorporate something that I love. I used oil pastels to make a vibrant assortment of color. Although this picture is not entirely done, I have plans to add some more purple succulents to the center and more dirt to fill in the extra spaces. I used a very cool technique, I blended my colors together, to make all kinds of vibrant colors stand out from within the plants. There are even oranges in the purple flowers!

2 Point Perspective;

I enjoyed this project especially because I did the same thing in elementary school and middle school, so it was very easy and the terms like, vanishing point, horizontal and vertical lines, also the horizon, I already knew!

Elements Drawing;

My Elements Drawings include, contour lines, blind contour, and upside down drawings. I think that ALL three drawings were very tough but they each served as an important lesson in teaching different things about drawing. A blind contour drawing contains lines that are drawn without ever looking at the piece of paper(shells). We had to focus our eyes on the shape of the shell to draw it without looking. A contour drawing shows the outlines, shapes and edges(face/vase).

In conclusion I did face some challenges with how to proportion peoples faces, and most defiantly with blind contour. But, in the end its worth it and you end up getting better at what you might have struggled with before. I enjoyed being in art all together, this was the main hour I looked forward to during the day. I think that I improved most on well, I cant pick just one, I improved with everything I did, everything I did was a chance to get better.


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