Destini LaPaso principles of buisness

January 5

How was your holiday and what did you do?

My holidays were good , On Christmas my family and i went to my grandpas house with other family member's that were there. New years we threw a party at my aunts and had a lot of Mexican food like tamales, pa sole , chips and ques o and many more other foods.

January 6

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

The most trouble i have given my parents will probably be getting suspended from school . Enjoyments i give my parents are some alone time .Not bother them when they get out of work tired.

January 10

Does writing help you express your feelings?

I think writing does express your feelings because when you write what you feel you , You feel as if your letting all the things in you free on a paper . And when you reread what write you notice things that seem to be good or bad in your life.

January 12

what dream you can conceive? can you believe it? can you achieve it?

My main dream right now is to just be finished with school , I do believe i can finish school and achieve my grades and hours to graduate .

January 13

what are you doing this weekend?

I am going to the mall to shop with my family , and possibly just visit my grandpa and family.

January 17

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

If i like someone i mean i would probably talk to them or give them eye contact and wait till they talk to me, You decide if you like someone if you want to just go to school just for that one person to look at or communicate with.

January 19

Have you ever passed on a kindness?

I have given kindness to others , I went to get off an grab a to go pizza there was a homeless man who was asking for money or food so i bought an extra pizza and gave him money i had in my pocket he was very thankful and told me god bless you, that day i felt really good with helping someone.

January 24

who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is my little sister.

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