Art studio 1 Katie deTreux

Creativity is an individuals perspective and drive to make simple things beautiful. Creativity is a skill unique to every different person. When I was making my jack lanterns I had a difficult time making the clay a perfect circle but I went with an imperfect circle so that pumpkin would have its own unique shape which gives it more character.
Inside & out vase- clay Unity and harmony was the most important art principle in his piece. I successfully used this principle by placing the buttons smallest to largest from top to bottom. This was important for the visual field because larger things seem much more balanced when on bottom. The way the colors work together without becoming overbearing is also very successfully used.
Happy jack- clay slabs The most important element of design was shape. After making a circle out of clay the shapes I used are what successfully made the clay ball turn into a jack lantern. It was also important to be careful with shape because anything to big or close together could have made the clay concave.
Mr.steal ya girl- clay & paint. Once again the most important element of design is shape. To turn an average potato into a little person the shape of each piece of clay had to form a face. The clay was carefully manipulated to represent a facial feature with a size that seemed as accurate as possible.
Natures sip- clay pinching The most important visual element is color. The wabi sabi tea cups are focused on different designs and shapes. Mine upholds characteristic of a colorful wabi sabi tea cup with a clear picture and color.
Turtely cool- ocarina The most important element of design is shape because without the correct shape the ocarina will not whistle or give the affect of looking like a turtle
Sushi- sushi set The most important element of design is color. Without the color the pieces would look unorganized together.
Creepy crawler- monster project the most important art element is shape. Without the shape the mug I made would not have characteristics of a monster with a happy personality
Dope- scarffito unity and harmony- with so many different things going on in this piece it was important to keep unity and harmony
Fruit bowl- 6 foot pot Shape was most important in this piece because different shapes brought together the uniqueness of this pot.
I'm Shannon zmcGee and I appreciated all the uniqueness of Katie's pieces and how detailed they are. they really represent her as a person and an artist. They're DOPE

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