The Renaissance By:Karlie Pattillo

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The Reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance,by wanted goods or food from Asia or other places they didn't know really existed until Marco Polo came back with his amazing stories. “In addition,the Black Death,didn't damage farmlands,buildings,ships,machines, or gold” (Holt 298). I picked this Evidence because the only thing that was positive during Black Death was that nothing else, but humans died. In conclusion, the Silk Road was Reopened by The help of Renaissance.

Italian Trade Cities(Florence)

These trading centers were important because they used the money to improve the cities. The cities became rich and that's how the Medici family got all of there money and became wealthy. It allowed them to flourish as trade cities because the whole city was by boats and everyone walks or goes places by boats. It sparked the Renissance because they had stuff that no body else had and was easy to sell.

MeDici family

The first picture is Florence Banking,Second is Architecture,The Third is Education in Florence.

Rediscovering the past(Greek and Roman)

Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the Renassiance because artist and architecture were still around at the time.I picked this Evidence because when the Renassiance began the Artist were able to Sculpt and Draw one there free times to become better. The text states"Artist Created sculptures,Murals,drawing and paintings"(Document 2). In conclusion,Classical ideas help shape development of The Renissance.

The Greek had many ideas but this happen to be one of them.

Another one just in a different form.

Some ideas of Rome's was to have different ideas of how to build colums.

Some of there creations.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a true Genius from child hood to his golden years. Leonardo was born April 15, 1452 by the Arno River. His parents were both Peasants, he grew up with his mother until he turned 5 years old.Leonardo eventually went to go live with his father,he remarried 4 times. Leonardo received a lot of education while he was in his childhood.In conclusion,Leonardo da Vinci grew up knowing how to do most hints other kids didn't know how to do,even though he switched between parents a bit he still kept on track of doing the right thing.

Artwork:On the top right there are pictures of Leonardo da Vinci's sketches and drawings.


The video focuses on Michelangelo and how he learns about many things like art,painting,Poetry,sculptures,and a bit of architure.

Paper and Printing(Johann Gutenburg)

The right side is an example of the machine it's self and how it works. The Top left and bottom left is like the after math of the words and stamps.

It impacted them by printing and making books faster it doing everything better. All they really have to do is add the ink and press it to make there pages.

ReNaissance writing(William ShakeSpEare)

William Shakespeare's writing of humanism was very popular.Lots of people like his writing and shows.They liked his shows and writings because it had things that they liked.In the text it stated "In France, too, writers poked fun at the ideas of the Middle Ages(Holt,316)."This piece of evidence shows that he was able to make things funny in a way for people to enjoy it.Therefore William Shakespeare's was very funny because he made almost everything funny and Triangle Fire.

Romeo:Act 3,Scene 1 O, I am fortune's fool!

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