Carol Guzy By: Anthony Nakano

Born on March 7, 1956 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She always wanted to be an artist. But her family told her that she would starve to death. So she decided to go into the medical school and study nursing. While in the middle of nursing school she dropped out not wanting to have someones life on her hands. She ended up getting a camera from a close friend and ended up falling in love with it. Carol Guzy takes emotional picture about devistation, sorrow, and horror. She said in and article, "Fixing broken souls might be what gives me the strength to capture scenes." Carole Guzy has traveled been at Haiti earthquakes, Kosovar Refugee camps, Fall of the Berlin Wall, BP Oil Spill and many more.

In this Photo the main subject is the boy with only his head sticking out of his water. You can tell that this is in a place with very little. The water is also very dirty. It captures your attention because you dont know how this child got in the water. There seems to be plenty of light. And I wonder if this kid was bullied into getting put in the water.

I like how Carol Guzy takes very emotional pictures. In here picture they always tell a story. None of them are not emotional. She uses composition very well and it easy to tell what the subject is of her photos.

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Anthony Nakano

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