During my last college life, I earned money while private tutoring. It is not hard working at all, and also money were as enough as students. As easy as I make money, however, I spend money easily. One day, when I quit all my private tutoring(That was not my will), I fell into a deep panic. I felt that I was thinking of making money too easily and I decided to work part time. Recently, I got a part-time job. I work at a restaurant called Alain.

The restaurant I chose was ‘Alain’. The reason why I chose this restaurant is because it is very close to my home. It takes only 15 minutes to walk on foot. The second reason is because the restaurant is not franchise one. Franchise restaurant is more busy than which is not franchise. This is better choice because hourly wage is same.

Now, I will explain about our restaurant. This is a French food restaurant. Diverse dishes and course dishes are prepared. France version of Terrine and quail steak are our restaurant’s representative menu. My work at there is serving. I serve the dishes and explain what it is and how to eat. At first, every work was hard for me to learn. I made many mistakes include breaking dishes, cups and so on. Now, however, I rather make mistakes. Even I sometimes assist our chef. It is very exciting. I could met many people at there. From chef to co-worker. I’ve never met before. Everyone is so nice to me.

I realize that earning money is never easy as I thought before. I also realize not to waste money easily. This experience it very meaningful. I will keep doing my job as long as I can.

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