Scientific Research Jack vallejo - Class 1 - Mr. Fischer - May 13th - Genus: Bradypus

The 8 Characteristics of Life

Mr. Fischer I am not sure what you mean when you say and statements and illustrations for all 3 of the characteristics. Oh and I got all my pictures from google images just look up three toed sloths and cool backgrounds.


It is a production of offspring though asexual or sexual process

Joseph Castro is a scientists who helps write articles on animals for the Live Science website

Cell Organization

It is just that living things are made of cells

Sloths are made of these things

don't know what you want me to do there made of cells congrats.

Grow and Develop

It basically mean to grow from a smaller organism to a bigger organism

These are baby sloths that will GROW up to be adult sloths

Jack had trouble finding graph

Adapt and Evolve

It is a change in traits over a long period of time

Mike Greyburn is a scientists that works with sloth and takes care of them

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