Ghouls, Gonniffs, & An Unlikely Graziano October 30, 2017

Picture of the Week

South Valley, 2015

Happiness Factor as a f(x) of Weather: Mixed

Out and About

PED to adopt Next Generation Science Standards in their entirety.

In response to a barrage of criticism, PED reversed their course of "knowing better" than NGSS scientists and reinstated the original wording regarding evolution, the rise in global temperatures and the 4.6 billion-year age of Earth – the three revisions that had generated the most outcry.

Good News/Bad News for the Lobos

First, ugh…on Saturday, Wyoming handed the Lobo football team a 42-3 loss. Better luck next time: ͞The Lobos (3-5 overall, 1-4 in Mountain West play) host Utah State (4-5, 2-3) Saturday afternoon.

On the brighter side, Lobo Women’s basketball has landed 2 top recruits. "Jayla Everett and Shaiquel (Shai) McGruder, who both had scholarship offers from Power Five programs, announced their intention to join the Lobos after completing a weekend visit to Albuquerque." (Source: ABQ Journal).

10800 Gibson SE – New Owner, New Tenant.

"A building in the Sandia Science and Technology Park that will soon have Raytheon as a tenant also has a new owner. The new owner is Chicago-based Bubul Albuquerque LLC , who purchased it for $8.7 million."

The Longer View

And the Week Begins

Manafort goes down – tax fraud and money laundering. Paul Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates, both surrendered to federal authorities on Monday.

Astros 13, Dodgers 12, 10 Innings

Astros on the verge. Click on EPIC MOMENT. Astros: 3 games Dodgers: 2. Game 6 is tomorrow night (Tues) at Dodger Stadium.


Listen up – A classic formula for passing a big tax cut for the rich is to offer tax cuts to middle-class households as well. That’s what Dubya and Reagan’s proposed plans adhered to. Fair’s fair, right? Wrong.

According to the Tax Policy Center, the current plan the GOP are trying to get passed for 45 looks like this: A Plan that delivers an average $700,000 tax cut for 175,000 of the wealthiest families in the US, will actually INCREASE taxes for 17% of the population… ugh…I’m in that group, as are many of you: households earning $50,000-$150,000.

Note to Diary: Don’t believe everything you hear – the "noise level" is intentional and meant to distract.

Moving on to Local Politics

Albuquerque Mayoral Runoff – Early voting has begun and continues through Nov. 10th. The match up on the surface looks like Mild-mannered State Auditor (Keller) vs Scrappy Street Fighter (Lewis). Who would have envisioned that from a former Pius quarterback and a current Hope Church Pastor? Certainly not me.

There were a lot of punches delivered by City Councilman Dan Lewis last night in KOAT’s televised debate: that Tim walked out on his Senate District (before he was elected State Auditor, Keller was a 2- term Senator for the International District. As his family outgrew their infill housing, he moved them to the Country Club area – his choice was a dream he’d had ever since picking up a high school prom date, when he saw the area for the first time.), that Keller is the first mayor to be running for office with ethics charges against him (charges, for the record, brought by a former mayoral opponent, Wayne Johnson, and possibly by parties also responsible for the TV ad smear campaign, backers of the Santolina project who are also Lewis campaign contributors), that Keller was pro-A.R.T. ( Actually, Keller was never in a position to vote for or against A.R.T. – ironically, Lewis did…vote both for and against A.R.T.), etc.

And there were punchlines, perhaps the best from Keller: "The bus is heading over the cliff, and you’re asking for a promotion?" (referring to Lewis’s 10 years as a City Councilor while Albuquerque’s job market has flat-lined, car theft has doubled, and petty theft and burglaries have risen 42% in the last 2 years.). When Lewis decided to "Let me give you a civics lesson, Tim" - apparently the viewship had already exited the bus: the online survey on Who Won the Debate: 64% Keller to 34% Lewis.

See for yourself – there are still opportunities to see these two candidates before you vote:

And remember, Election Day is NOT next Tuesday, it is November 14th and you need to bring a photo ID. For voting locations:


Reminder: Absentee ballots must be received at the City Clerk's office prior to 7 p.m.Nov. 14, 2017.

Snackchat - A Tasty Trio

I thought we could take a break from the restaurant and recipe scenes this week and just talk good, old-fashioned snack smack. These little beauties are three of my faves – each have their own purpose in this household:

Available at COSTCO, these are great for hummus, whether you are allergic to gluten or not. VERY crispy.

Available at La Montanita Coop, the pricetag is a bit steep but these are "saltines nonpareil".

Up your game with Suzie by your side.

TJ’s eponymous Cornbread snack is a newcomer, but so far, well-received. This versatile triplet can go the distance as a nosh, and oddly enough is pretty swell coupled with cream cheese. Oh, what the heck – add a touch of raspberry jam on top.

Happiness and Best Friends

The Curious Incident of the Lab and Griffon in the Middle of the Night

Please don’t forget, vote early or vote November 14th.

We’re hearing 14,000 voted in the first three days of early voting, which began last Wednesday.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

p.s. Happy Halloween!


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