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MCAST organized the first Spaghetti Lunch, sponsored by Magro Brothers and Miracle Foods on Tuesday 31st October 2017 at the MCAST Students’ House in Paola. The cooking was done by MCAST lecturer David Callaby Floridia assisted by students following the Pathway to Independent Living Programme

David Callaby Floridia working his magic

As October is the International Breast Cancer awareness month, this event was organised in aid of Pink October, an initiative aimed to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer.

“We truly believe in the importance of the Pink October Malta. Awareness is crucial to ensure high survival rates for patients diagnosed with breast cancer “ said Mr Stephen Cachia, MCAST Principal and CEO.

Director of Communications Pablo Micallef presenting the €400 donation to the Chairperson of the Marigold Foundation, Ms Michelle Muscat.

CEDEFOP Photo Award competition

BA 2 Media students Gabriel Piscopo and Emma Xuereb project Homo Faber was shortlisted in the CEDEFOP Photo Award competition, making it out of 140 entries from 20 EU member states. Well done! Lithuania and Ireland won the competition.


Malta Youth Film Festival launched at MCAST Institute of Creative Arts

The launch has been announced of the Malta Youth Film Festival, MYFF, which will be organised by the Malta Film Foundation, Agenzija Zghazagh and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations. The festival will form part of the Malta Film Foundation’s artistic programme supported by the Cultural Partnership Agreement through the Malta Arts Council and the Malta Films Commission.


On Tuesday 7 November 2017 MCAST and Transport Malta signed an MoU to collaborate further together providing work-based learning experiences in the field of transport. Transport Malta will actively participate and contribute in the provision of specialised student projects and sponsor awards for the best student in selected project/assignment. It will provide support in engaging third party entities to provide work-based learning experiences for MCAST students.
MCAST will participate in joint promotional campaigns with Transport Malta to promote the importance of the Transport Industry in Malta and illustrate the job opportunities within this sector. The objective of the associated activities would be to attract individuals to the transport industry. The agreement was signed by TM chief executive, James Piscopo and MCAST Board of Governors chairman, Dr Silvio De Bono.
the agreement consists of three points – students will have the opportunity of work based learning with different forms of apprenticeship; joint research will be made so that both sides prepare the needed programmes in transport and maritime. This means students will not only acquire professional vocations but also opportunities for better jobs
MCAST’s Institute for the Creative Arts in Mosta has recently hosted a number of international lecturers and students from various other European educational institutions as part of an Erasmus+ project entitled ‘Becoming a Designer in Europe. This particular mobility focused on local design trends and influences, allowing students to gain significant insights into each participating country’s diverse cultural heritage. MCAST students participating in this project Matthea De Bono, George Lewis, Scott Schembri and Sarah Schembri Warr focused their research on traditional Maltese crafts.
The Malta Independent


On November 9, MCAST launched the first ever downloadable mobile app game specifically designed for by the Service Dogs Malta Foundation (SDMF) by MCAST student Irisann-Maria Agius. The launch took place in the presence of Hon Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment.

The game, developed by Multimedia Software Development student Irisann-Maria Agius and launched by Mcast last week, was specifically designed for the Service Dogs Malta Foundation (SDMF) and is freely downloadable from the foundation’s website.

Agius designed the game around an animated character representing a diabetic alert service dog whose job it is to warn a handler that their blood sugar is rising or is falling to dangerous levels.

The app was launched at a cere­mony during which SDMF head trainer Robert Spiteri presented three golden retrievers named Buddy, Harley and Faith with their official service dog vests. The organisation’s founder Joseph Stafrace also presented their handlers with a certificate confirming their graduation as autism support service dogs after a year of intensive training costing €15,000 per dog.

Visit by Hon. Chris Fearne Minister for Health, VGH and MUMN

On Friday 10 November 2017 Hon. Chris Fearne, Minister for Health, Ms Elaine Bridge, Vitals Global Healthcare CEO and Ms Maria Cutajar, President MUMN visited the students following the new degree course in nursing studies and the new state-of-the-art nursing facilities at the MCAST Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST Main Campus, Paola. The new facilities visited included the Nursing Lecture Room, the Nursing Skills Room and the Instrumentation Labs namely the Wet Chemistry Lab and Instrumentation Lab

There are currently thirty students enrolled in the new Northumbria University Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nursing Studies. MCAST lecturers are job-shadowing and co-lecturing together with lecturing staff from Northumbria University

This three year full-time degree programme offered in collaboration with Northumbria University provides students with the necessary competencies and qualifications required to register as a nurse (level 1) in Malta and across all EU member states

At the end of the course, students will be able to provide patient-centred care focused on values, ethics and patients’ needs, demonstrate professionalism and promote values of caring, dignity, integrity and altruism in nursing practice, demonstrate organisational, management and leadership skills in the delivery of quality nursing care and show effective communication and collaboration with the intention of providing the patient with holistic care.


On Monday 13 November 2017 the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts showcased the works in progress on the production of Giuseppe Verdi's Aida which will be staged in Spanga, Friesland in July/August 2018 and in Valletta, Malta in September 2018 as part of the Valletta 2018 productions. This opera is one of the highlights of the European Capital of Culture 2018 Cultural Programme both in Malta and Valletta’s twin, Leeuwarden.

Maribeth Diggle, the American soprano playing the part of Aida, was present for the media event on the 13 November. Also a number of costumes of Amneris were displayed. Two of Amneris’s costumes were designed by Charles and Ron, while the rest of the costumes were designed by students that successfully completed the Advanced Diploma in Art and Design.

The AIDA 2018 project was conceived early in 2016 when various stakeholders met in Leeuwarden. The project involves students from a variety of departments from both Malta and Friesland, working together in collaboration with a real opera production house - Opera Spanga - that has engaged an international cast for the event

Students are being directed by Ms Corina van Eijk, Artistic Director of the Opera Spanga, in collaboration with members of the Opera Spanga team, and with the assistance of the professional staff from MCAST Institute of the Creative Arts and Friesland College's design arm - D'Drive. Charles & Ron, Maltese design professionals, are also participants in this didactic project.

This project is multi-disciplinary and also multiple-institute. All the departments within MCAST's Institute for the Creative Arts are collaborating with the Institute of Community Services. Students are carrying out this work as part of their live case assignments. Apart from being a multi –institute and multi-disciplinary project it also involves professional collaborators in the performing industry in Malta, namely the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Pjazza Teatru Rjal.

Different MCAST workgroups are currently undergoing works in the following areas: Hair and Beauty students on the Hair, wigs and make-up design and production, Performing Arts students are working on the acting and stage hands, Photography students on the photo shoots of main characters, Media Moving Image students on the green screen filming, editing, and production sequences and compositing which Graphic Design students will inherit for work on animation for projection as part of the set.

The underlying link between VET and the industry is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this interdisciplinary project which falls in line with MCAST's mission statement.


On Wednesday 15 November 2017 the National VET Skills Week was launched at MCAST Main Campus, Paola. The launch took place in the presence of Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment and Ms Charlene Fenech, an MCAST graduate who is an aircraft engineer with Lufthansa Technik and has been selected as Malta’s ambassador for the 2017 European Vocational Skills Week.

This was the Second European Vocational Skills Week which took place and it will be held between the 20 to 24 November 2017. It is organised by the European Commission and aims to improve the attractiveness and image of vocational education and training and showcase excellence and quality and raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities. The VET Skills Week will involve hundreds of events across the EU to highlight the benefits that vocational education and training (VET) brings to people of all ages.

‘Discover your Talent!’ is the motto of this year’s campaign. Ms Charlene Fenech aims to show that VET and apprenticeships are a smart choice, leading to high-quality jobs and increased employability. She is one of a group of ambassadors from various EU Member States who have volunteered to spread the word about VET in their home countries. She was selected for the prestigious role by the Commission and the national authorities in Malta due to her inspiring profile.

The main event to be held during VET Skills Week 2017 were the VET Buses which visited middle schools around Malta and Gozo in order to showcase VET through the various vocational sectors. The main objective of the visits was to help secondary students understand the importance of vocational subjects as well as gain access to opportunities when furthering one’s education through VET.

On board each bus, there were students and lecturers representing the six institutes within MCAST and one representing ITS. The students together with their lecturers carried out events showcasing different vocational sectors whilst encouraging students to learn more about the various opportunities offered at the vocational institutes in Malta and Gozo.

On the last day of the VET Skills Week around 300 students hailing from various middle schools visited MCAST. All students had the opportunity to experience the success stories of vocational education and training through finished products.

MCAST Deputy Directors visit to Zokrija School where vocational education is taught at compulsory level.
VET Skills Week activities were also held at the Gozo Campus over these two days and were very effective. The students were engaged in five hands-on activities (of 40 minutes duration each) and they were receptive and enthusiastic.


KSM, the MCAST student Council, have donated two computers and two tablets for the use of MCAST students. The computers will be placed in the MCAST Library while the tablets will be used by students through the Learning Support Unit. MCAST would like to sincerely thank KSM for this initiative.


MCAST celebrated Robotics Week on the 22nd November. This event is part of the European Robotics Week and aims at inspiring technology education in students of all ages to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, i.e. science, technology, engineering and math. MCAST IICT and IET lecturers gave talks, presentations and competitions on robotics and Arduino as well as programming robots to Mindstorm. We would like to thank MCAST IICT, IET and Library to make this event a successful one.


The European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) was officially launched on Monday November 27 following an agreement signed between the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). The agreement was signed during a press conference which was addressed by the Minister for Education and Employment, Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Hon. Silvio Schembri, the MGA’s Executive Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri and President of the MCAST Board, Dr Silvio De Bono.

This strategic initiative is the start of a journey which will lead to the development of talent in the gaming sector and the creation of more long term careers for both local and foreign students, through educational programmes which will enhance the sustainability and growth of the workforce in today’s digital economy

The gaming sector contributes €1.2 billion to the Maltese economy – 12 per cent of GDP. It certainly has room to grow however we need to encourage the young people to begin looking at professions in the iGaming industries which are a reality of today’s digital age. This is us reacting to the industry’s demand. Today’s setup of EGIM is the cornerstone of tomorrow’s workforce in this digital revolution. I encourage you to visit our website and discover what EGIM and MCAST can do for you - Dr Silvio De Bono

EGIM aims to offer the best possible mix of short-term courses, diplomas and masters programmes for potential candidates coming from non-related gaming industries to familiarise themselves with an area of choice within the gaming industry to achieve adequate knowledge and skills.

EGIM’s objective is to understand the skill requirements of the industry (current and future) and most importantly, forecast and prepare for the upcoming skill sets needed to build and create educational courses based on future technology and product trends.

991 MCAST University College students graduate

MCAST celebrated the graduation of 991 students who successfully completed their Bachelor Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) within MCAST’s University College last year.

A thanksgiving mass was held on Tuesday 28th November 2017 at the Metropolitan Cathedral, Mdina for all graduands who will be conferred with Degrees.

The ceremonies took place at MCAST Main Campus between the 29th November and the 12th December 2017. During the nine ceremonies, 330 students were conferred with degrees while another 661 received their Higher National Diploma or other MQF Level 5 certificates.

Nine ceremonies will take place between the 29th and the 12th of December 2017. On Wednesday 29 students that successfully completed the MCAST Higher Certificate in Inclusive Education will be awarded certificates

On Friday 1st December students from the Institute of Engineering and Transport (Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Building and Construction) will receive certificates. On Monday 4 December students from the Institute of Engineering and Transport (Mechanical Engineering) and the Institute for Applied Sciences (Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences) will be presented with certificates. On Tuesday 5 December students from the Institute of Community Services and the Institute of Applied Sciences will graduate. On Wednesday 6 December students from the Institute of Business Management and Commerce and the Institute of Information and Communication Technology will receive certificates. On Monday 11 December and Tuesday 12 December students from the Institutes for the Creative Arts and Institute of Information and Communication Technology will graduate.


The aim of the MCAST Journal of Applied Research and Practice is to serve as a platform for showcasing vocational and applied research that is carried out by the researchers and professionals working within MCAST and its collaborative partners. The nature of the research and innovative practice that is published is varied in nature to reflect the various aspects of vocational specialization that MCAST focuses on. The Journal will be published annually and is aimed at researchers, academics and practitioners.

On 30 November 2017 MCAST launched the first MCAST Journal of Applied Research and Practice. The launch was held in the presence of Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment, at the Institute for Applied Sciences, MCAST Main Campus, Corradino.

The Journal of Applied Research and Practice highlights several research studies carried out in 2017. These include - Stakeholder Engagement and the Enhanced Entrepreneurship of VET Graduates by Alex Rizzo, Silvio De Bono and David Kenely; Mass Customer Metering: The Challenges of Accurately Measuring and Billing Potable Water Use by Luke Pace, Chris Camilleri and Stefan Riolo; Improving Soil and Water Management for Agriculture: Insights and Innovation from Malta by Stephen Hallett, Ruben Sakrabani, Andrew J. Thompson, Lynda Deeks and Jerry Knox; Business-IT Alignment Equilibrium States in Small Firms: A Dynamic Perspective by Ronald Aquilina; Electric Transportation Impacts on Vehicle Design by Elaine Marie Ellul and Brian Azzopardi; The Application of the Life-Cycle Assessment in the Building Sector: An Italian Case Study by Maurizio Cellura, Francesco Guarino and Sonia Longo; A Review on Ambient Assisted Living in a Maltese Context by Joseph. A. Zammit; Method Development for Sustainable Urban-Stormwater Reuse in Malta by Alison J. Gauci and Depth and Width: Culturally Sensitive Narrative Inquiry by Rose Falzon.

The Launch was attended by Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Dr Silvio De Bono, President of the MCAST Board of Governors, Mr Stephen Cachia, MCAST Principal and CEO and Dr Alex Rizzo, Head of University College.

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