Baroque By: Hannah Reeves

The music from the Baroque time period is very bold and loud. The word Baroque actually meant bizarre, the music includes trills, grace notes, mordents, and turns.

The music also considered to be rebellion against traditional music.

Everything works together theatrically, it’s very bold, using many colors. The art is symbolic, has meaning, and is very theatrical.

Very elaborate and over the top details and colors/architecture.

Baroque art is very much like the music, dramatic and direct. There is a dramatic use of color in the paintings.

The pictures feel real, but they are not, (obviously) and they include a lot of emotion.


Created with images by Tama66 - "hall castle ballroom" • Hans - "main organ organ organ whistle" • Trishhhh - "DSC_4915" • Trishhhh - "DSC_4892" • Ninara - "4Y1A6533 Versailles, France" • Jose Losada Foto - "Château de Versailles - Galería de los Espejos" • Gellinger - "church altar architecture"

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