Chiari Malformation A life changing story

This is my mother and she is one of the bravest , most loving women I know. The spring of 2018 my mother was diagnosed with a rare condition of a certain type of malformation called Chiari Malformation. This malformation defects the base of the skull and cerebellum which the brain controls balance. Due to her skull being misshapen which causes the cerebellum to be pushed down into the spinal canal. This causes pressure to the cerebellum and the brain stem that may affect some of the function controlled areas. My mother got this condition due to a malfunction at birth but ever since she was little she’s had really bad headaches and as she started to grow up the headaches would become worse.

Due to a serious pain in the head my mother decided to go to Mexico to see a special doctor and they had told her she needed surgery. So the summer of 2018, we had to take a trip to Mexico so my mother can get rid of the head pain. Some of my mother’s symptoms were neck pain and dizziness and ringing and buzzing in the ears and insomnia. So due to these symptoms they were sure my mom needed surgery to help her get rid of the pain.

After anxious days and sleepless nights my mother finally came home 5 days later after her surgery and she looked in so much pain. It hurt seeing my mother in so much pain, but I’d pray she would recover fast and thank god she did. This is a picture of my mother when she had just came home and on her head is bandage where she had gotten her surgery.

WARNING: Here are some pictures of her wound.

First couple of days after her surgery.
1 week later.
1 month later.

My mother’s wounds were hard to see, but she would always have a smile in her face no matter if she had pain in her head. My mother loves to cook and one day she begged us to take her to the kitchen so she can make some soup for us. No matter what she just wanted to be in her kitchen. We’d always tell her we’ll cook something for you so you can rest but my mother was getting frustrated of just being in bed and having to only lay on her sides. She just wanted to get up and be able to walk atleast a little.

This is my mother in her wheelchair cooking us some soup.

This surgery has really changed my mother’s life in so many ways as much as she loves parties due to her surgery she can’t listen to loud music. The ringing of her ears and her head pain have went away although she does feel pain or she feels dizzy at some times but she always has something to make her feel better. I thank god everyday for being able to have her with me, that surgery was really risky and dangerous and I’m just thankful that everything went great and I’m just glad my mother is okay and well.

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Adriana Bernal

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