Rhythm and Resistance Erin Reed

Resistance is the ability not to be affected by something, especially in a way that prevents success or development; harmfully or unfavorably. Resistance is important because without resisting certain opinions, we would not love our self, think solely on what others think and many more. Resistance Makes us love what others see as ugly or as abnormal. We are all made the same and should all be treated the same, we demonstrate this through the music we make, songs we sing and art we create. I hope that my poems show this, and i hope you enjoy.

There are many different ways to show resistance, whether it is protest, music or the poems we create. In my poems, one stereotype I resist is the stereotype that people with disabilities are not smart. One of my poem “ Asperger's “, it resists just that. The poem is about my brother who was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he was younger. One line that I feel represents this best is “ His brain is colorful like a coloring book, creative and fun. “. I think this is a strong line in my poem because it celebrates how he thinks outside of the box and how he has a bigger imagination. With my poems, i hope to make more people realize that disabilities don’t make you less of a human or less special than anyone.

Before this unit, i hated poetry. I mean i still don't like it but i understand it more and learned a lot about it. For example, i learned that there are different types of poems to write and i learned about resistance. Resistance is important in our lives, it makes us stronger. Without poems, people would be less creative and have a hard time expressing themselves. I am happy about how my poems turned out, and i hope you enjoy.

Child Soldier

Innocent and small

He is standing there

Gripping and grabbing a gun that's almost bigger than him.

Surrounded by beautiful blue, yellow and orange flowers.

Green growing grass up to his knees.

Butterflies fly close to him

A big golden sun shines and shimmers over him.

He stands out

Black and white almost washed out.

But still innocent and small.

Pierre Auguste cot- Lovers on a Swing

I love my boyfriend.

I love my girlfriend.

He’s nice and loves me for who I am.

She’s sweet and pretty and listens to me.

He loves me

She loves me

And then

And then

Gay marriage became legal!

Gay marriage became legal..

I’m so happy I can finally marry my boyfriend.

I’m so glad that everyone can marry who they want.

I can love who i love and marry who i want regardless of gender!

They get to marry who ever they want in ANY state they want.

I’m so glad.

Edward Munch - the scream

Everyone’s born differently

His brain is hardworking, when he works hard, he can do anything

His brain hyper- focuses on certain topics and subjects, making him motivated and enjoy what he’s doing.

His brain is like a clock, works on a routine.

Everyone’s born differently.

His brain is different, making him special and one of a kind.

His brain is colorful like a coloring book, creative and fun.

Everyone’s born differently.

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