Intro to Art 2016-2017 Jade Martínez

I took intro to art because I wanted to learn more about art and I also thought it would be a fun class to take. I was hoping to learn the techniques and strategies of art.

Edges and Contours
Spaces (positive-negative)
Relationships and Proportions
Lights and Shadows (value)

Out of these 4 drawing strategies I learn the most from relationships and proportions. I know this because when I first started drawing I had no clue you used measurements in art. But now that I use relationships and proportions if looks much more real.

My drawing skill has improved tremendously. The first day drawing don't look anything like the person but, the other two do and show correct spacing and better technique.

Chiaroscuro is an Italian term that means contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. Chiaro means light and scuro means dark.

My self portraits have definitely improved from the first day. I can see a big difference. I made the facial features stereotypical in my first drawings. Then I learned how to use the 4 drawing strategies and I improved in all of those areas. So now my self portraits look more realistic.

I wish I could have had more time on this one because I really rushed on doing this one and I also had little time on it. Also because I would have liked more time to get the technique of cross hatching down. I think with more time it would have looked better.

I have seen the most improvement in the technical skills in art for example my control of charcoal. I have learned to use it properly and make it pop out of the drawing. Also with blending colors, I have learn to make my own colors and tones while making colors blend well. I have seen the most improvement in attitude as well. I now feel more confident in my self and can show my artwork to others with out being embarrassed.

Second Semester

The project that I learned most from sencond semester would be the oil and chalk pastels because it taught me a lot of patience. Also it was something different that I had never worked with. The chalk pastels taught me how to layer colors and how to had reflections. The oil pastels taught me how to make different types of gradiations.

A learned that analigious colors work well together and look good and that if you mix complementary colors it makes a brown ugly color.

The one technique that I was able to master was the chalk pastel because I layered colors on the top of other colors to add a cooler 3D dimension. I also was able to do reflections off and on the objects in my artwork. The reflections then made it look more realistic. The one technique that I was not able to master was the tempera and oil pastel because with both of them I couldn't make smooth gradiations.

I have seen the most improvement in the area of color use and knowledge. I love using colors in my artworks and have learned color theories that have helped me in my pieces. Another thing that I have improved on is design skills and the elements and principles of art. For example knowing when to use repitition and harmony in your artwork. The same thing goes with the elements like texture and shape.

This year I have learned to believe in myself and I have definitely changed my perspective of art. I have discovered that I enjoy doing art and learning the different techniques and tricks.

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