Puma Factory Cells as factories project

Cells are the basic unit of structure and form in all living things. Some organisms are made of only one cell while others are made of trillions . Each cell must be able to carry out the basic functions of life, including obtaining and using nutrients, producing proteins, shipping proteins, etc. Some cells like prokaryotes are relatively simple with very few internal structures. Larger and more complex cells like eukaryotes require specialized structures to accomplish all of the necessities of life. These structures are called organelles, and they include the nucleus, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, vacuoles, mitochondria, and more.


The Nucleus


The CEO of Puma factory is like the nucleus in a cell because he controls all work activity and determines what will be made just a like the nucleus that controls all cell activity and determines what proteins will be made.


"the office"

The boss's office is like the nucleolus because the boss hires workers, and sends them out into their job. sitting in the center of his office, he acts as the center of the factory making all the big decisions and creating plans.

Nuclear envelope/ Membrane

CEO doors

The nuclear membrane controls what goes in and out of the nucleus. In a factory, the office's doors would act like a nuclear membrane because it controls what goes in and out of the main office.


factory floor

The cytoplasm is made up of the cells internal contents, and contains enzymes and dissolves nutrients like amino acids and sugars. The floor of the factory can be compared to the cytoplasm because it is where most of the products are assembled, finished and shipped.


workers in assembly line

The ribosomes are the workers of the ER and their basic function is to assemble proteins that are then transported throughout the cell. The ribosomes resemble workers on the assembly line that create the material or in the case, proteins.


Power House

The Mitochondria is described as the powerhouse of the cell. It specializes in making energy for the cell to perform. The power plant is basically the mitochondria of the factory. It's the section of a factory that gives everything else the power to work and carry out its functions.

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)

Assembly line

The ER is a long system of tubes and sacs, they transport the proteins. How is this related to a factory? You might ask. The ER is like an assembly line where the workers do their job. (Ribosomes) Then they are transported throughout the factory.

Golgi Apparatus

analyzing department

This is the distribution and packaging center for the cell and is important for the processing of the proteins. The packaging and distribution department resembles this very well. This is where they are checked, packaged, and distributed like in the cell.


Trash Chute

Lysosomes are small organelles that break down waste and cell debris and is described as the stomach of the cell. A Factory trash chute is where all the waste goes or useless materials that are not being used. So a trash chute and Lysosomes have similar jobs in two totally different situations.


storage room

The vacuole is basically where things are stored. The storage room is basically the same thing. It's the area where things are stored and throughout the factory there are a few of these.

Cell Membrane

Main doors and Walls

The plasma membrane acts as the protective barrier of the cell. The membrane in a factory would be the factory's walls and doors. The great walls of a factory act as a main protection for the factory's processes and property, allowing those with the right clearance to enter or leave the premises.



The cytoskeleton preserves the shape of the the cell. It supports the cell and holds everything together. Like the cytoskeleton, the frame helps maintain the shape of the factory. It makes up the internal structure of the factory walls, keeping the building sturdy.The cytoskeleton acts like the main load bearing beams in a building.

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