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William Shakespeare was a famous playwright, writer, and poet. He changed the way peopled viewed different kinds of art. Such as, poems, plays, and stories. He inspired many people from across the globe. William Shakespeare, went through a lot to gain up to his success, and it obviously had to start from the beginning.

William Shakespeare's child hood was very different from people in today's society. Although, his childhood is very different from ours, it created who he was throughout history. "Shakespeare was born third out of eight children in April 23, 1564, in Stratford. As he got older he attended grammar school and studied literature, and rhetoric language"(Lander 1). Of course, his sisters couldn't go to school because they were girls and in that point of time, girls were seen as people who would do house work. Some of his siblings did not even live long enough to have certain kids of their own.

(Shakespeare and his siblings)

Shakespeare as well had an education at a young age. Around that time is when he realized his love for literature. " Shakespeare was entitled to a free education in the town’s grammar school, which he probably entered around the age of seven. The school’s main subject was Latin studies grammar and readings drilled into the schoolboys year after year." (Branham 1) He went to school at a young age, but that is why his work of art is complex yet poetic. This is what led to the creation of his part in Henry VI Part II. To sum up, William Shakespeare childhood is different then any other regular human being. If it weren't for his extraordinary family and education at a young age he probably wouldn't have found his profession.

(William Shakespeare school)

William Shakespeare didn't just study at an early age or had a unique family, but he married as well to a women named Anne Hathaway. He married 18 years young and she was 27 years old who's father was a farmer. Besides being married, he even had children of his own, "He had a daughter named Susanna in May 1583, and two twins named Hamnet and Judith in February 1585, Shakespeare's had a son as well." (Lander 1). His sons name wasn't given but he died at 11 years old and was Williams only son.

William Shakespeare absolutely loved theater and performing arts. He was even an actor himself before he even became a playwright. His inspirations aren't clear but there are some theories as to where his love for theater came from. As this author clearly states, "His early connections with the theater are unknown. He might have joined one of the touring companies that occasionally performed in Stratford-upon-Avon, or he might have gone directly to London." (Branham 1). William Shakespeare most likely wanted to go to London to make money off of theater or some other profession. Either way William Shakespeare ended up being really successful.

( William Shakespeare)

Through every thing William had been through he got really successful in what he loved doing he even had his own theater. The author explained "In 1597, 15 of 35 plays by William were published. By 1599, William Shakespeare and his business partners built their own theater on the south bank of the Thames river, which they called the Globe" (Lander 1) He shared the theater but most of his plays were performed there which is why people had found him so inspiring. William Shakespeare had inspired people from around the world especially in England. Although most people had their different opinions about William, "Many people have argued that he is the best and the most famous writer in the world but left no journals or letters. What people know about him from his person life comes mostly from church or legal documents". People view Shakespeare differently and some people are even in denial of him completely because they had claims that there was no record of him.

(Globe Theater)

People had great respect for William Shakespeare. He talked about love in his writings and still managed to to have affects on culture from around the world, "William Shakespeare had an enormous influence on culture throughout the world. Shakespeare characters, Language, and stories are a source of inspiration, quotation and imitation. (lander 1) He had written thirty-seven plays and most of them were performed in the Globe Theater. He was as well He was very popular in England because it was in a time where drama was very appreciated. Shakespeare is an inspiration in all aspects of art and had an enormous influence on culture. Because of his inspiration towards others it created a new aspect of his work. In conclusion His words meant something to the people which is why he was the most quoted author in the English language. He was also relatable and connected with his audiences in a deeper lever with stuff relating to love, friendship, and loyalty but it all started when he was young.


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