EggFest Unsung Tune

Chapter one

A life started with an egg hatching under a stranger's heat.

The egg had no idea it was an egg only till a few days later the shell started cracking a little.

The egg started thinking,"hmm, am I about to turn into something else now?"

Before the egg could further its thought process, a little hatchling hopped out.

hatched and near a strange world

The broken shell was tossed away while mourning over the egg that it never had a chance to be acquainted and mourning over the hatchling that it never had a chance to introduce itself and its significance.

Chapter Two

At the crack of dawn, an egg is thinking.
"What am I going to do today?"
Rolling on the counter

A morning begins with an egg rolling on the counter. "What am I going to do today?" The egg is thinking out.

Before the egg goes into deep thinking mode on a wonderful day ahead, the shell is cracked open and the egg without the shell lands inside a glass bowl.

"Wow, the day started with a big sham bam then I have all eyes and see everything!" The egg is excited over the new living condition.

Then it felt as if it was on a roller coasters and all its guts scrambled up, the egg vomits and can't even recognize its own face. " wow, what a weird existence form!"

The egg can't no longer see as soon as it hears the sizzles.

"Why am I being twisted into a dark pan......" the egg can't no longer finishing that thought.

A pile of sunny fluff lands on a gold laced plate.

"Let's eat! A long day ahead!" That is a loud voice; it is no longer thoughts from the egg.

Chapter Three

The eggshells are tossed into a big container day after day.

Without the company of an egg, the shell felt empty and useless.

" I can carve on eggshells!" A voice was heard by the eggshells.

Before the eggshells started imaging what carving could do, the shells turned into intricate artworks with delicate coating, then cased in a small display window.

An egg looked at the shells on display thinking, "wow, my outer could be so pretty and precious!"

burning desire, thoughts carved on eggs.

Silence, from the eggshells - hollow but impressively pretty - cased in.

Accidental art
Let's hang pretty, one egg says to another.
Hang alone, still pretty!
Created By
Maria Stiles


Created with images by aleksandra85foto - "eggs egg easter eggs" • onefox - "chicks spring chicken" • Javier Vieras - "world egg" • T7 - "egg still life calm" • Pezibear - "egg hen's egg food" • tschink2010 - "easter egg easter egg" • aitoff - "stormtrooper egg lego" • Filter Forge - "Eggs" • aleksandra85foto - "eggs egg easter eggs" • TheUjulala - "easter eggs drawn painted" • henryleester - "egg easter arts and crafts"

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