Mary's house By: Cailyn

At Mary's House

I was running through the woods with my two best friends Mary and Natalie.We all split Natalie and mary went the other way.And I went a different way.we were trying to get away from Lauren and Bobby.

I have been looking for Mary and Natalie for a long time. I finally went back to Mary's house when i was walking back a heard a scream in the woods i thought that it was natalie I screamed ARE YOU OK NATALIE it was not natalie it was bobby that screamed.

I ran back into the woods found them.What is wrong lauren said look on the ground it was a snake!. I said to stay away from it. Me,lauren,bobby went back to the house to tell Anne mary's mom tell her that we could not find Mary and Natalie anywhere in the woods.

She said I will yell for them so she did they came running back together Natalie said we could not find you anywhere Cailyn I said I could not find you to. Let go to the corn field when we got there we just talked and walk around in the field. After a couple minutes we all went back into the house to go eat.By the it we all got done eating all of our Mom and dad came to pick ues up.

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