Second Semester Portfolio Cassidy Knapp 2-24-17

I developed art making skills in clay so far this semester. I made a pinch-pot, clay owl as a beginner to my much larger clay owl. In this process I learned how to slip score clay, add texture to it and make a large clay sculpture. I practiced on square pieces of clay to figure out what I like best.

When I started making the eyes on my large owl, I had many different ideas. My first idea was not my favorite.
I decided to make my owl more cute than realistic. Once I finished the eyes I added texture to his stomach.

This project is meaningful to me because I love owls and so does my sister. I think they are very beautiful and relaxing.

If I could do this project over, I would probably make the ears/horns a little smaller. However, I am not upset with them.

I feel that I TOOK RISKS during this project.

As you can tell, there was a little ring around the eyes that I cut off. I planned a design that did not work out so well so I tried something new and really like it. I am not used to clay but I proceeded with my project in a new way.

I am wanting to do a larger scale painting next. Either flowers or something unrealistic would be interesting.

I really like the faded background in this picture.
After a lot of glaze testing, I found perfect mixtures for my owl. I learned a lot about glaze from this project. I learned about how well elements mix and layering. I used very little gems when I used mocha marble and really liked the results.

I really did well at creating original art. The glazes were layered differently than I had seen before and I worked for a long time on testing objects to make sure they were what I wanted. I was really happy with the end results and do not think I would change anything.

This project is very meaningful to me because I worked harder on this project than ever before. It was also the biggest project I have ever done. I'm happy I chose to do this project because it challenged me more than I thought it would.

I am started a flower painting with textured flowers.

I'm struggling on the texture about background. I want it to be pretty but also kind of realistic.

I love the colors but I need to work harder on the flowers. I'm also thinking about adding more oranges in the background. I thought I liked the blue but I want to change that a little.


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