A Walk to Remember Movie vs. book

The book A Walk to Remember is a must read in my opinion. It has so much details on how the two main characters are feeling about each other and everyone else. It really explains how the main characters Jamie and Landon met. The two never talked in school or outside of school, but somehow they end up falling in love with each other.

The movie however is different from the book. It has less details then the book but it does have more emotion. In the movie you can feel the emotion that the characters are feeling. Just like the book Jamie and Landon don't talk at all in or out of school. Jamie is the type of character that goes to hospitals to see sick children or helps the elderly. Whatever she can do to help anyone or the community in any way she will. Landon is the type of character that breaks the rules does not listen. He doesn't really like to help others if he does not have to.

The book and the movie have so much differences. The book's story is a little different than the movie. The book says that they met at a dance and it goes from there, but the movie says they met because Landon gets into trouble with the law and has to do tutoring on Saturdays and that's how Jamie and him starts talking.

In my honest opinion the movie is better than the book. The movie's story is different from the book but in a good way. The movie just has more emotion and you can actually feel what they are feeling. The book just doesn't have enough emotion and it has a lot of details. The book is good but it doesn't really say how Jamie is feeling but the movie says how both Jamie and Landon both feel on the inside, not just Landon like the book does.

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