Al Capone By:crleigh perry

Born on January 17, 1899

Early life

Al Capone parents were poor imagrants from Italy, Gabrielle and Teresina Capone. He had eight siblings. Nothing in Capones childhood or family life could have predicted his rise of americas most notorious gangster.

Alcopone and his family when he is older

Torrio and Capone

Capone started in the business running errands for a gambling operation near his home owned by johnny torrio. Johnny Torrio was a very large influence on Capone. Torrio moves away but the two remain close. As torrio makes his way back to town torrio introduces Capone to gangster Frankie Yale. Frankie soon employs Capone as a bouncer at his bar. Soon Capone runs into some trouble at the bar and gets three large gashes to the face earning his nickname scar face. As Capone marries his wife Mae Coughlin just weeks after the birth of their child, Albert Francis. His former boss and friend Johnny Torrio was the boy’s godfather. Now a husband and a father, Capone wanted to do right by his family, so he moved to Baltimore where he took an honest job as a bookkeeper for a construction company. This didn't last long because his father soon died of a heart attack Torrio invited him to come to Chicago. Capone jumped at the opportunity. As liquor has now been outlawed torrio has began bootlegging and realizes capones potential and soon is his partner.

Al Capones wanted poster

On his own

By 1925 someone had been trying to kill torrio. Tho that person never killed torrio. He handed his business down to Capone. Government had no evidence of the murders that had been occurring so they raided al Capones business. There soon after al Capone called an meeting with city criminals and they agreeeed to stop the violence this lasted only two months. By 1929 Capone dominated the illegally liquor trade but like usual other people wante apart of ot like is long time rival "Bugs" Morgan. He recently tried to kill Capone and torrio and now was after Capones hit man machine gun so Capone decided to kill him. Posing as police 7 men were killed in cold blood but bugs escaped the slaughter.

You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.
Bugs Morgan long time rival of al Capone

Jail and his last days

Capone was captured and found guilty with a 11 year sentence. Though he tried to bribe the jury to only 2 1/2 it would have worked if the jury wouldn't have been switched at the last second. After serving 6 1/2 years Capone was sent to a mental hospital were he stayed for three years. Then was moved to his home in Miami and spent his last days there with his wife until he died from cardiac arrest.

Died January 25, 1947

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