Collisions By maria

Forms of Energy

There are lots of types of energy but the main one are in collisions are potential energy and kinetic energy.

Potential Energy

Potential energy is stored energy. That means when this car is going up it is storing or gaining energy. The higher the car goes up then the more stored energy or potential energy.

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is released energy. That means when the car comes down the hill the potential energy is released and when it is released it is transformed into kinetic energy.

Energy in Collisions

What happens to energy in a collision? Lots of things can happen.

Energy can transfer, but when it transfers, it can tranfers into lots of things.


Energy can turn into heat. When you strike stone really hard you will get hot sparks. The energy you struck the stones with, turned into heat : the hot sparks. Mrs.Gahl also showed use that when you clap your hands together, your hand will get warm.


Energy can also turn into sound. Mrs. Gahl showed us when you clap your hands together the energy created the clapping your hand noise. Also when you drop an apple it will make a sound.


How does weight affect the car?


I have found out the more weight the easier it will tip over. In the test Both Cars with 1 tire 1 car tipped over. In Both Cars with 2 tires both tipped over. That proves the heavier it is the more easier it will tip over.

Changes to the Car

What changes did we make to help the egg survive ?

Changes to the car

The blue words are the changes. We put a tire to act like an airbag , like on a car there is an airbag to protect the people when the car crashes.


What happened in the test?

In test we had to do the test 2 times because one of my teammates were not ready ( not to name ). But my egg survived. If you want to see the proof, click that button up there.


What improvements would you add ?

I would add a helmet and make the walls as airbags or tires. Also I would make sure the tires/airbag is secure and it doesn't fling off like in the test.


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